Thousands of users across the world are unable to access their Twitter accounts and load posts

Twitter is DOWN! Thousands of users across the world are unable to access their accounts and load posts

  • More than 15,000 users are reporting Twitter is down on Downdetector
  • Some say posts won’t load while others are unable to access their accounts
  • The outage is affecting parts of the US, the UK, and Japan 

Twitter has gone down for at least 15,000  users across the world.

The outage is affecting those living on the east coast of the US, southern areas of the UK and Japan, and seems to have been knocking out access to the website around 10:15AM ET.

Half of the users are experiencing problems with the website, while more than 30 percent cannot access their Twitter account via their iPhone.

Twitter has yet to make a statement, but some people report uninstalling and re-stalling the app has fixed the issue.

Several thousands users across the world are reporting that Twitter has been unable to load posts while some have not been able to access their accounts


The outage was initially spread across the US, but has since been limited to just the eastern side of the country.

The Southern area of the UK and parts of Spain are also reporting outages on internet outage site, Downdector around 10:30AM ET. 

Japan was in the red as well around 10AM, but seems to be slowly changing to yellow, which is a sign that people are regaining access to their Twitter accounts.

DownDetector, which tracks social comments around a certain topic to monitor outages across the globe, has recorded thousands of complaints from Twitter users who have been left unable to access the website or Twitter app on both iOS and Android.