Three shot at Georgia grocery store after ‘a large amount of gunfire’

Several people have been shot at a Kroger grocery store in Georgia on Friday afternoon.

Police told 11 Alive three suspects who had allegedly followed a man and a woman into the store had been shot and taken to hospital after shooting broke out in the carpark.

The trio are believed to have been shot by the couple they are accused of following, though DeKalb Police spokeswoman Shiera Campbell says she does not believe the two groups knew each other beforehand.

Three people were shot in the car park of a Kroger supermarket in Georgia (pictured) after following a couple in and out of the store

Police currently believe the couple had been targeted by the trio, who were intending to commit a crime, but the details are still unknown. 

‘Whether it was a robbery or a carjacking, we don’t know right now. It’s still too early on in the investigation to say,’ Campbell said.

When the group of three followed the couple into the parking lot, Campbell says there was ‘a large amount of gunfire’ exchanged on both sides, and it was ‘very lucky no one else was hit’.

She said the two groups were both shooting, with the man in the couple being armed and the group of three also being armed. 

One woman, who was in the car park when the shooting broke out said one of the shooting victims had dragged himself back into the store after he was hit.

‘He was conscious but there was a lot of blood, there was a trail of blood – he dragged himself into Krogers,’ she said. 

Everyone shot has been taken to hospital with minor injuries, and the man and the woman are being interviewed by police along with several witnesses, but have not been taken into custody.

Two of those shot were taken to hospital from the scene, while the third person took themselves to an area hospital later. 

More to come.