Tiffany Haddish confirms that Sanaa Lathan bit Beyonce at a party in LA

She ready.

Months after Tiffany Haddish revealed in an interview that a mystery woman bitBeyonce back in December at a party in Los Angeles, the actress has confirmed rumors that it was in fact Love & Basketball star Sanaa Lathan.

‘I’m super good friends with her stepmom and her dad, and they were mad at me,’ Haddish says in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

‘They were like, “Why would you do this to the family? You know, black actresses, you guys have to stick together, it’s so hard for you guys to get work as it is, why would you try to ruin her career?”‘

Haddish then explains: ‘But I didn’t try to ruin her career. I never said her name! I was just trying to say how Beyoncé kept me from goin’ to jail that night. I coulda just shut my whole career down.’ 

Drama: Tiffany Haddish confirmed rumors that Sanaa Lathan bit Beyonce in December (Lathan and the singer in 2008)

The purported bite purportedly occurred back on December 22 following Jay Z’s 4:44 tour stop in Los Angeles. 

Haddish told GQ that she was with Beyonce at the party when the alleged assault went down.

‘There was this actress there that’s just, like, doing the mostest,’ said Haddish.

When asked to give an example of the actress’ behavior, Haddish said: ‘She bit Beyonce in the face.’

Haddish then detailed what happened next, which led to much speculation about who the person could be that bit the singer.

‘So Beyoncé stormed away went up to Jay-Z, and was like, “Jay! Come here!”‘ said Haddish.

‘This b****—’ and snatched him. They went to the back of the room. I was like, “What just happened?” And Beyoncé’s friend walked up and was like, “Can you believe this b**** just bit Beyoncé?”‘

Haddish went on tpo reveal that ‘a lot of things happened,’ and a short while later she got to speak with the singer.

‘And then Beyoncé and Jay-Z walked by me, and I tapped Beyoncé,’ revealed Haddish, who said that she told the singer: ‘I’m going to beat somebody ass at your party. I just want to let you know that.’

Beyonce told her not too and urged the actress to have fun, at which point Haddish was able to snap a selfie with the singer which she posted to Instagram.  

Haddish tells THR that her big revelation has had no negative impact on her social calendar, and instead resulted in more invited coming her way.

‘The other day, someone was saying, like, “Oh my God, you should keep your mouth shut ’cause now you’re never gonna be invited to parties,”  but I got invited to way more parties after that,’ states Haddish. 

‘It’s ridiculous how many parties. “Can you come to my party?” “Can you come to my thing?” They want me to talk about something at their thing ’cause they think, like, “This is gonna put me back on if Tiffany says something.”‘