Tik Tok: history and perspectives

TikTok consistently breaks all popularity records and monthly becomes one of the most downloaded applications for all mobile platforms. People massively create new accounts, record videos, publish them, subscribe to their friends and just popular authors. Many people deliberately use the promotion of subscribers in TikTok so that the account becomes more popular and attracts more attention. Experts agree that it is TikTok that is becoming the main social network of the twenty-first century and deservedly occupies leadership positions next to Instagram and Facebook. So how did it happen that the newcomer turned the whole market upside down?

The history of the appearance of Tik Tok

Initially, TikTok had a different name – it was the Chinese service Musicali, but then a number of trade transactions were concluded and it was decided to change the name, such as the condition of one of the investors. By that time, the project already had a wide fan base, and the number of registered users exceeded a million. Videos from this application were regularly published on other platforms; thematic collections gained immense popularity. This marketing strategy made it possible to significantly increase the audience in a short time and with minimal investment. Today, Tik Tok has millions of registered users, each of whom leads an active online life, trying to develop their account. Many people use https://www.tiktokrush.com on Tik Tok to increase the number of subscribers. Hundreds of new videos are published daily, and the built-in functionality allows you to apply cute filters to each video in real-time.

Reasons for popularity

How did it happen that a little-known service from China came to the world market and was able to squeeze out the giants of the level of Instagram or YouTube? It’s all about the narrow focus. While the above services were trying to take over at the expense of coverage, TikTok concentrated its efforts on a narrow category of videos: short copyright content to music. In addition, the built-in video processing functionality was developed and launched in advance. It allowed users to greatly simplify the work with the footage. The success of the built-in editor is evidenced by the following factor – many other services copied it and tried to implement it at home. However, these attempts were not crowned with success at the Tik Tok level. As a result, Tik Tok remained the only player in his class. Even attempts to launch similar functionality on the part of Instagram could not squeeze it out. Today, videos are still popular, and the best ones collect tens of millions of views.


Experts agree that Tik Tok has a bright future. Which one exactly is a big question that requires multifaceted analysis. When trying to predict, one has to take into account not only what is in the minds of developers, but also global trends in social networks. Today there are two possible ways.

The first option is associated with the expansion and creation of service not only about short clips but also about something more. In this regard, they predict the emergence of new functions, such as group chats, expanding the functionality of users’ personal pages. In addition, an improved news feed may appear, as well as the creation of specialized thematic channels. It is possible that new ways of interaction between users will be created.

The second option is more about the introduction of new functionality while maintaining the original idea. People will continue to publish short videos, and all the efforts of developers will be focused on creating a more user-friendly service. For this, the video processing functionality will be completely redesigned, new editor capabilities will be introduced. Rumor has it that there might be a change in the music distribution model.

New features

Of course, the first thing to do is wait for new features to appear. Judging by the internal information received from the developers of Tik Tok, the first thing to do is to expect an extended user profile: new columns and public information will appear. Perhaps it makes sense to expect a revised dialogue system, however, how exactly it will be implemented is still unclear.

Expanding content

In addition, experts agree that the coming updates will set the task of expanding the content. Most likely, news channels will begin to actively appear, publishing relevant news in a short format. This will attract a more “serious” audience to TikTok. In addition, the average visit time of a social network should increase significantly. In general, this direction seems justified. It will be possible to find out exactly how events in the world of Tik Tok will develop very soon.


Tik Tok has no competitors in its niche. Instagram has lost the fight and remains the leader with a wide selection of content. However, rumors continue that a group of American investors is looking for a new project that could be presented as a full-fledged competitor to Tik Toku. Today t

Such a project could occupy a market niche in the United States and Europe, where TikTok does not yet have an absolute monopoly. In theory, the good competition will benefit any service – developers will look for ways to attract more users, and updates will appear more often.


In conclusion, it is worth saying about the Tik Tok phenomenon itself. The service, which was originally conceived as a simple entertainment application, was able to gain insane popularity in a very short time. At the same time, skeptics regularly remind us that it is unrealistic to fight giants of the scale of YouTube or Instagram today. In this regard, I would like to tell all skeptics that the most important thing is an original idea and high-quality implementation. When these two factors are combined, success is guaranteed and TikTok is one of the millions of similar success stories.