TikTok footage of a disappointed Coles shopper buying empty chicken nuggets has gone viral

Paltry poultry: Disappointed Coles shopper discovers chicken nuggets have no meat inside

  • A video has emerged on TikTok of Coles chicken nuggets without any meat
  • User kailovespastrycookie shared the footage, cracking open the empty shells
  • The video was hilariously captioned by the user: ‘how do they forget the chicken’ 

A Coles shopper has been left disappointed after cooking some chicken nuggets – only to discover they had no meat inside.

The video posted to TikTok by user kailovespastrycookie showed the crumbed chicken nuggets were just hollow shells, demonstrating on the video by breaking them open to show they were completely empty.

‘How do they forget the chicken, it’s literally called a chicken nugget’ the video posted on September 16 was captioned.

Users in the comments section were quick to make light of the mishap.

‘Sorry I was hungry – Coles worker,’ one user added.

The footage has since gone viral, with just under 30,000 likes and 170,000 views.

Footage has emerged of a disappointed Coles shopper cooking chicken nuggets, only to find they were empty (pictured, the empty nuggets)

Other users questioned how the nuggets were even able to fry with no filling, asking ‘how would you even fry air?’

‘Why do you think the prices were so down down,’ another added. 

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Coles for comment. 

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