Tips for a Faster and Hassle-Free Move

Do you ever look at the number of things you own and feel like stuffing them into a box? Situations like these generally arise when you’re unprepared for moving and have no idea how to go about it. Moving is the only way you learn how much you’ve heard over the last few years. It is also a great way to gain self-awareness as you’re preparing to start a new life.

Even if you own too many things, the process of moving can be made easier; all you need is a plan. Every significant milestone gets accomplished when you have a plan.

Think of your moving as another temporary milestone you need to achieve. Therefore it’s essential if you’re in the process of moving, you do it right. We will virtually help you plan your big move through a series of helpful tips. Here’s what you need to know as you move to your new space:

Compile A-List

The best thing about compiling lists in the 21st century is you can use them on your laptop. Open up an excel sheet and treat your moving process as an important project. Use colors, headings, and even borders to help you map out your house onto your screen.

You can also include a whole section on the amount of money you’re working with to make your move possible. Once you chart out all the information you need to move, the next step is to begin packing.

Get Yourself Extra Storage

Suppose you’re moving to New Hampshire; you need to look into storage units and book one for yourself right away. No matter how much you convince yourself that you’ll practice minimalism, you’ll still need storage. If you’re a family, minimalism already goes out the window. With growing kids, you’ll need space for the various projects, toys, and schoolwork that will come home.

Storage units ensure that items you need around the house get the front stage while things don’t go right into storage. As a result, when you need a new article, all you need to do is visit your storage unit and retrieve it. So it’s a good idea to use a storage unit from the get-go.

Get Different Types Of Boxes

There are boxes for clothes, containers to hold small items, and packages for large items. It would help if you looked into getting all of them. Make a rough estimate of the number of boxes you’ll need. If you have too many things, you’ll need more. Always keep extras on yourself since you wouldn’t want to make a second stop at Home Depot.

There are also color-coded boxes, and if you feel color will help you pack up your things, get all the colorful boxes. Don’t hesitate about picking good-quality boxes. It would help if you had them for moving your stuff to a new house. So if you invest in quality, you get quality. You wouldn’t want your box tearing from a little extra load.

Get Professional Movers

While you can ask friends and family to help you out, it may become unfair, especially when they have other commitments to tend to. Packing takes time. You may know how difficult it is to pack up a house and work, so help is good. Professional movers have experience and expertise on their side.

So when they’re taking your items and packing them up, they know what they’re doing. You can also save copious time asking for their help then trying everything on your own. Most packers also learn how to play Tetris with their belongings.

So not only are they appropriately placed in boxes, they will not rattle. You also end up using more small boxes when a professional helps you pack up. So consider spending a little extra and get the help you need.

Visit Your New Place

Visiting your new location can help you figure out how long the journey itself is. Suppose you’re moving to a new state. It would be best if you made a little extra hustle. You’ll need to either book a plane or, if it’s a manageable drive, go for a drive. Scout your new location.

Get a sense of familiarity with where your new house is going to be. While you’re still at your new place, go exploring too. You should figure out where the grocery stores, restaurants, and even hospitals are if your landlord allows you to enter your house and try picturing how you want to decorate your home.

You may also get an idea if you need new furniture. Not everything is about functionality alone; you also want your house to have a certain level of aesthetics. That is when you can picture your new space, the aesthetics can also click.

Make Sure Movers Know Your Schedule

You don’t want to end up missing your movers. Movers need to know what your timeline looks like. Some movers are handling more than one move. It also helps them manage their schedule with yours. You should make sure your timeline gets appropriately constructed.

You should also check your weather forecast to make sure you’re not expecting a dangerous weather pattern. If you plan to get to your new place by plane, you’ll need to book a motel or a hotel to stay. If you’re going to leave a little later than your movers, make sure they know. Minor delays are acceptable, but if your wait is too high, it can cause trouble for you.

Close Down All Utilities

The last few days are all about closing down your utilities and even all services that you were using. You need to shut down the gas, electricity, and water you’re using. You should also make sure you get a new license for your new location.

Make sure you pick up your children’s school documents and even make sure your work receives your resignation. You also need to update your address and your phone number once you have them down. These are essential details about your identity. These are the loops you need to close before you’re moving.

The Last Day Is For You

It would help if you relaxed before you left. Moving is emotional, and you’ll feel overwhelmed even when you’re preparing to leave. Take the time to say goodbye to the place you called home and even enjoy your time with your little community. The same logic applies to your children. Let them say goodbye to their friends. Your friends can also provide some critical advice that can help you with the move. So consider taking their advice and applying it to yourself.

Wrap Up

Who doesn’t want a hassle-free move? As you prepare for the next step of your journey, you want to make sure you nail the moving process to the T. The tips you need to incorporate are all about intelligent moving. Make sure you know what you’re doing and follow through with the plan you’ve made for yourself.

Get professional help to save time and make sure you don’t lose precious items as you pack. The final touches of your move include taking care of your utilities and canceling memberships. In the end, don’t forget to give yourself a small margin to relax, and then with a leap of faith, start your new chapter.