Tips for an Improved Gaming Experience

Gaming has come an awful long way since the 1980s when the first video and computer games arrived on the scene and the games developed alongside digital tech, becoming faster, with higher resolution and rich graphics.

Fast forward to the present and we have state-of-the-art CPUs with mega-fast graphic cards, delivering a responsive gaming experience; if you are an avid gamer and you want to upgrade your gaming environment, here are a few tips from the pro gamers.

Invest in a pro gaming chair

A decent pro gaming chair will last a lifetime; full adjustment, plush leather, and a lot of tech features including surround sound and cool LED lights. Long gaming sessions demand comfortable seating and they don’t come much better than the latest generation of pro gaming chairs.

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Upgrade RAM

If you’re running 8Gb, upgrade to 16Gb of DDR4 or even DDR5, which is super-fast. It is important to make sure that the bus speed on your PC is compatible with the RAM chips and you should notice a difference in the processing speed of your PC.

Upgrading to 32Gb is a good idea if you have the RAM slots available, which is more than enough for serious gaming. If your PC leaves a lot to be desired, you can order all the components online and self-build a top gaming PC.

Graphics card

For the ultimate gaming experience, you need a top-end graphic card, which can be found from online computer component suppliers. NVIDIA GeForce cards have the power and the VRAM you need for real-time Internet gaming.

Go into control panel settings to find out how much VRAM you have; you should have at least 6Gb in order to play complex games.

Curved monitors

Three curved screens bring you the ultimate gaming experience; check out the online reviews for the top PC monitors and look for high refresh rates. A single curved screen is better than none; you can always add a couple more at a later date.

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Gaming Keyboard

A top-of-the-range wireless gaming keyboard from Logitech, with changing color backlights; gaming keyboards have more keys than regular PC keyboards and paired with a wireless mouse, you are good to go.

Bluetooth headphones

Sony makes excellent Bluetooth gaming headphones with a built-in mic and you won’t need to worry about the noise, which means you can game to your heart’s content.

Your immediate environment is important if you want the ultimate gaming experience; the room should be comfortable in terms of temperature (23-25C) and you don’t need general lighting when playing; all the illumination you need comes from your screen.