Tips for Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Outfit

Michael Kors put it right when he said, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” From shoes, jewelry, belts, handbags, and hair accessories, there are many small pieces that can complement your outfit and bring out your personality.

Deciding on the right accessory for your outfit, however, can be tricky, especially when you have several options. Fashion evolves very quickly and trends soon become outdated. Nonetheless, we’ve put together a few timeless tips to help you accessorize the right way.

The Event Decides the Accessory

The first step to choosing the right accessory is to consider the event you are dressing up for. The accessories for a vacation trip to the beach are not the same ones you would choose for a corporate dinner.

If you’re not sure what to wear to an event, find out what others are wearing. That will help you decide on your outfit and consequently, the accessory. A professional trade show or business meeting means you should accessorize lightly, with one or two carefully selected pieces, while a night out with friends or a birthday party can include loud and more colorful accessories to match the occasion.

Consider Your Fingers When Choosing Rings

Large rings may appear fashionable, however, they may not suit everyone’s hands. If you have short fingers, you should avoid wearing thick rings. Thin rings will make your fingers appear longer than they are. It’s also important to make sure the rings fit well – a tight ring on a chubby finger will not look good, no matter how pretty the ring itself is.

No matter what your fingers look like, there are many styles of rings on the market that will look lovely on your fingers. When in doubt, keep a small collection of silver rings in your jewelry box to add a touch of style and class to any outfit.

Wear Jewelry From the Same Set

Contrary to popular belief, wearing jewelry from the same set is not boring or outdated. Rather, a matching set can add a bit of extra glamour to your outfit.

Jewelry from the same set should be worn only if the accessories are small in size. If they are large pieces, a matching set can appear gaudy. From earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces, if you are keen on wearing a matching set, you should consider the size of the accessories.

Most often, people dress in jewelry from the same set and end up looking too busy. The accessories tend to take over the look when their function is to complement your look, not dominate it. What you want is to look elegant and classy, not overdone.

Avoid Wearing More Than Three Large Pieces

Large accessories can make you stand out, if used the right way. As a rule of thumb, in order not to over-accessorize, a good rule of thumb is to wear a maximum of three large accessories.

Again, accessories are supposed to complement your outfit and not overshadow them. People tend to wear several large accessories because they believe it will make them look better, but often – less is more. Why invest in a beautiful dress if your accessories are going to get all the attention?

Your Handbag Doesn’t Have To Match Your Shoes

Many people, when trying to pick the right accessories for their outfits, choose handbags that are the same color as their shoes. Although at some point in history, that was a fashion trend, it is not common anymore. Now, current trends have shoes and bags with contrasting light tones. For example, if your bag is of a neutral color, wearing a bright-colored shoe will complement your outfit better.

This is not exactly easy, since many designers continue to come out with matching handbag and shoe combinations. This is not to say that you cannot match your bags with your shoes, however, it is not necessary.

Decide Where To Place Emphasis

You cannot wear eye-catching accessories coupled with eye-catching clothes. The whole idea of combining accessories with your outfit is so that they complement each other.

Have you ever seen two siblings fighting for attention from their mother at the same time? That is the effect you create when you put a loud outfit with loud accessories.

Bright clothes, bright accessories, and bright make-up just don’t go together. If you want to wear an eye-catching outfit, go easy on the accessories and vice-versa. This will leave you looking smart, beautiful, and confident.

Know When To Wear Shades

You have probably seen people wear dark sunglasses in the evening. This usually draws attention to them, although not for the right reasons. Sunglasses are amazing accessories and can complete a look if they are worn correctly.

While their original purpose was to protect eyes from the sun, they have become an important fashion statement over the years. Be sure to try on many different styles. Sunglasses come in many different shapes and sizes, and you should choose ones that highlight the features of your face.

What you wear and how you wear it says a lot about you. You should wear what makes you feel comfortable while keeping in mind what also looks good. Knowing what accessories to use for your outfits will not only give you a complete look but will also build your confidence. With these tips, you can be sure you will always step out looking your best.