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Tips for Creating Your First Website

Don’t know where to start on creating your first website? Well, you better read further and find out how to create a professional and comprehensive website.

When it comes to designing a great website, there are hundreds of different ways to do it. You can design your website based on your personality: minimalistic, classy, modern, etc. The final look of the website should show your personal style and identity. But there are a few important rules that can be applied.

Good web design should be easy to understand at first sight. Functionality is perhaps one of the most important strengths of a website. Here are some tips to help you design your website effectively and appealing.

Have a Clear Goal

Any small business website is different because, obviously, it serves different purposes. If you want your business website to be appealing to people, you need to build it based on your goals. Provide information and lure potential customers to search for your services – your goal is your asset. A website with no clear goal will only cost you money and time, while not provide you any benefit.

Do you want your website to be really great? We can assume that the answer is “yes”. The problem with creating websites is that they can look different to people. Thus, you must be careful how you design yours so that your community understands exactly what message you want to deliver. You need goals and objectives – creating a website and maintaining it engaging to your clients is like going to an unknown destination. You must always find useful strategies to design a great website so that your investment is well worth it.

Work Hard on Writing Your Own Content

Before getting started, you must decide what you want to say. The website owner must start sharing content that offers a basic message regarding their company. This is perhaps the biggest question new marketers face – “How to write content for a website?”. You might spend some time wondering how you should turn your content into effective web copy. You must use keyword research and search engine optimization to design effective and powerful web pages.

You can’t write good content for your website if you don’t know why you are writing it in the first place. The content you write for your business website must attract new clients, sell your products, and build traffic to support sponsorship. Once you will create the main goal of your website, you will be close to achieving it. Remember that you are writing content for people! So, what you write must depend on things like:

  • What they want to know
  • Their level of expertise
  • How they will land on your page
  • Your audience interests

Be concise and clear about what you are saying. Use short and comprehensible phrases, and avoid too complex language that will lose readers at some point. Cut off unnecessary information: just say what your readers want to know.

Use WordPress Themes

Using WordPress blogger theme helps your small business to easily add pages, change images, and update your website. These are just a few reasons why you should introduce WordPress themes. How to find WordPress themes? You can either pay for them or use free ones. If you are a beginner, it’s recommended to pay for a WordPress theme, so you can understand exactly what it means and how to use it. It’s always advisable to find someone who is willing to answer all your questions. But you will also have to put all your interest into the support you’re receiving.

There are many marketplaces where you can find individual theme providers. It’s also important to look at online reviews before you purchase themes. WordPress themes are essential for building your website. It will show your community exactly what type of business you have and what services you provide.

Use CTAs

What is a CTA? Call to action – It is an image or text that leads your customers to take action. For example, you can add a “click here” button anywhere on your website, so that people can click on it and access different things. This can help your visitors become customers, and customers can become promoters. CTAs help businesses achieve different goals. Create multiple types of CTA buttons and bring them down to your marketing purpose.

Call-to-action buttons are vital for a website, as they will generate leads. Place the CTAs in spots on your website with high visibility from visitors. Popular places where people place these CTAs are at the end of the post, in the sidebar, etc. Make sure they’re eye-catching – visitors must know what to expect when they click on one of the CTA buttons.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Smartphones are now a common part of our everyday life. It’s weird for people to leave the house and not bring their mobile phones with them. Everywhere you look, you will see people staring at their phones as if it’s a normal thing. And definitely, it has become common for us to spend most of our time on websites. Thus, website owners must provide a good mobile experience for their users.

Make your website responsive. Most web design professionals say that creating a website that is responsive is the best way to attract visitors. It’s because responsive sites include accessing content and information on any device. You can make your website mobile-friendly without reducing the info your visitors can access. They will be able to still read content the same way they would do it on desktop.

People often use their mobile phones to look for specific content, but they also want to do it fast and easily. For example, if you run a cafe website and mobile visitors usually search for your menu, then you must redesign your website to make it easier to find.

Creating your first website for your small business isn’t difficult if you follow the rules above and consider your audience’s needs.

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