Tips for safe fall driving

Autumn is undoubtedly the most fascinating and enticing season for driving expeditions.

But unfortunately, the falling leaves combined with showers of rain can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Thus getting yourself ready for handling the prime time of fall is very important.

During this season, you come across erratic weather conditions including wet leaves, reduced daylight, fog, and infrequent sun glare. Thereby to save you from the fury of fall, here we have come up with a few of the best driving trips for this season.

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Fall Driving Tips You Should Never Ignore

Do not overlook the leaves: Lush green leaves can be enticing to watch when on trees, but when they fall they can pose a great threat.

It is because during the fall season wet leaves get accumulated on the roads making the passage slippery causing the loss of traction while increasing the possibility of the car skidding.

Moreover, piles of leaves can obscure the hidden hazards so stay cautious and steer clear of them to avoid any incident.

Be Prepared for less daylight: Days are usually shorter during the fall thereby you will come across dark and dusky conditions.

Perhaps you will be required to drive in decreased daylight. So before the season hits your town make sure to check the proper functioning of your car lights. Get all the lights cleaned and polished.

This would probably aid you in driving safely through the dark days.

Stay cautious of high glare: The sun glare encountered during the fall season can be really dangerous for driving during day hours. During this time sun lowers its position leading to late sunrise and early sunsets.

The glaring emitted by the sun these days can create a blinding effect while driving towards it.

Thus it is advisable to use a pair of good sunglasses, clean windshields, and window tinting to avoid possible dangers.

Stay Prepared for fog or rain: Fog and rain are very unpredictable during the fall, so it’s better to stay prepared for such uncertain changes in the weather. Drive slowly and maintain a distance from other vehicles.

Adjust your driving according to low visibility conditions.

Additionally,  remember to make use of fog lights, and be sure that the headlights of your car are low instead of being high beamed. Whereas during rainy conditions stay cautious of puddle jerks at the steering wheel and make up your mind for the visibility impairment.

Apart from paying attention to your driving in the fall, make sure that your car is up to the task of handling wet, leaf-covered roadways. The dipping temperatures and foggy days are good reasons to check your car.

Examine each part thoroughly, and check tires, wiper blades, and headlights. And if your car isn’t up to the task of making it through another change in seasons, fall can be a great time to bring home a newer vehicle.

Well, if you are puzzled about what to do with your old car then take a sigh of relief.