Tips make this year’s Thanksgiving the best Thanksgiving ever

Everyone loves food, so it is not a shock when we say Thanksgiving is one of the most favorite holidays for most people out there. This holiday is all about the grand feast and being thankful for everything you’ve gotten in life. Here are some ways you can enjoy Thanksgiving even more than you usually do

Make it a potluck

When it comes to hosting a dinner party for your family and friends, the part you least look forward to be preparing the meals for dinner. Reduce the pressure on yourself and assign a dish to every person attending the dinner party to bring along. This way you’ll be able to have the grand feasts you envisioned while also not being exhausted to the point where you can enjoy it anymore. Ask around and find out who makes what dish the best and assign them dishes accordingly.

Enjoy the nature

Thanksgiving might be all about food, but the worst feeling is ending Thanksgiving, feeling nauseated because you ate too much. After dinner gather around your family and friends, go out and enjoy the sky changing its colors as autumn passes by and the ground is painted golden with all the fallen leaves. Go trekking and catch the sunset and relax with nature. You can always take pictures surrounded by nature in order to cherish these memories forever.

Get artistic this Thanksgiving

Join the little ones as they explore their artistic side through crafting this Thanksgiving. Gather around all the supplies needed to make thanksgiving themed props. These props could be used for pictures later on as well. You could make red cones to act as turkey beaks for everyone to wear while getting their pictures clicked. A funny way to make Thanksgiving memorable. Let the children go out and collect their favorite looking leaves from the ground and make turkeys out of them.

Bake some sweet for the family

Pies are the classic dessert to be served at Thanksgiving. You can take a standard pie to the net level by using Thanksgiving cookie cutters to cut the pie into different shapes. You can even make plain sugar cookies with icing so everyone can decorate their own cookie.

Plan games

You don’t really get to do a lot on thanksgiving – other than eating of course! However, in order to make thanksgiving a fun holiday, plan different games. Make sure these games involve both the children and adults so that everyone can enjoy them. You can play charades, musical chairs, play board games and etc. The ones who lose most of the games can always clean up the dishes afterwards!

Open your table for others

We spend all our holidays with the same people. While we love these people, sometimes seeing a new face can make things better. So, on Thanksgiving, invite a few neighbors over, or ask your children to call over friends for thanksgiving who are unable to celebrate it with their families. While inviting someone new to your house on a holiday might feel weird, but a new guest can always be a good addition to your dinner.

Make a list of things you are thankful for

For the whole point of the holiday to remember the things we are thankful for. Have everyone in the family, children, and adults sit together and write down everything they have been grateful for that has happened in the last year. Once everyone is done, have them read out their list. We guarantee you this will bring a smile to everyone’s faces instantly.

Give back

If you’ve been thankful for everything that has happened in life this year, then go out and be someone’s reason to be grateful. Donate warm clothes since winters are coming, and many homeless people die every year due to the harsh weather. Volunteer in a local soup kitchen and help out people around you. Even sending the holiday with that one elderly person who spends holidays alone every year would give someone a reason to be thankful this year.

Do some exercise

Have had a big meal for Thanksgiving? No problem, go out with your family and play some badminton or volleyball. This will help you digest all the food you have had and at the same time will give you a chance to have a fun competition with your family.

Say thank you

We all have some people in our life who have played a special part in our lives. However, sometimes we are unable to tell them how thankful we are. Make your thanksgiving special, by telling all these people to thank you. Write a letter to the people you want to thank. These people might include a teacher you had or a janitor who works in your building.

Make things work out

We all have people in our life with whom we do not have the best relationships. However, we always miss them on such special holidays. Talk to people you have a strained relationship with. Make things work out with them so that you can enjoy your holidays and share some love with them.

Include your pet

Pets are family. So why don’t we make sure that they are a part of our holidays? Dress up your pets in cute attires. Make them special meals this thanksgiving and make sure to include them in the pictures you take. This will not only make you happy but will give you a chance to make memories of a lifetime with your pet.

Start a new tradition

We always follow old traditions on special holidays. However, in order to make this Thanksgiving special, why don’t you start a new tradition? This can be anything; going out for a picnic, watching a special movie, or anything special for you and your family.

Give gifts

This Thanksgiving, give all the guests invited something special. This gift will always remind them of the fun time they had at your Thanksgiving dinner. You can give them a printed picture taken at the dinner or an ornament.