‘Tis The Season To Travel: 8 Christmas Destinations To Consider

Vacation during the Christmas season has been a traditional culture worldwide. Everybody deserves to sit back and relax after an extended period of work and stress. Whether you are planning for festive, relaxing, or romantic Christmas season, some places are quite welcoming. You should visit travelright to know more about tips that can help you enjoy your vacations.

Whatever theme you want for the Christmas holiday, there are several countries that have the perfect places for your Christmas vacation. Here are a few of those places where you can spend your quality time.

California, USA

Most west coast travelers choose to throw out their Christmas in California, where they can enjoy the holidays in charming coastal towns that offer plenty of holiday events. You can visit its museums, attractions, shops, wineries, and other astonishing places.

London, UK

Create your Christmas plan vacations away from home and make it in the marvelous land of London. The activities related to holiday experience is endless in this city. Christmas shopping, Christmas market, and ice skating rinks are some of the magical things you can do in London.

London offers hotels that make guests feel at home. A romantic holiday, ideal family trip, or even all-inclusive holiday can be celebrated in London. London assures you that you will have a merriest Christmas season in your entire stay.


One of the integral parts of Malta for Christmas vacation is visiting it’s Presepju or nativity scenes. Residents proudly present their shutters and garage doors and even display their holy crib confections. The Downtown Valletta of Malta is also home to bustling Christmas festivities.

The angelic voice of carolers singing outside the Baroque St. John’s Cathedral makes your season more unforgettable. You can also enjoy their dizzying display of Christmas lights on Republic Street. Malta is also known for its Manoel Theater, which shows annual Christmas pantomime.

Florida, USA

Because of its warm sunny weather, Florida is one of the best places to spend the holidays. You get to participate in a lot of activities and you get to see endless beach views as well. Tampa, Sanibel Island, and Naples are popular romantic destinations during Christmas.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta of Mexico remains as one of the country’s tourism jewels, also regarded as the most alluring and authentic of Mexico’s resort areas. For those who want to escape the typical cold Christmas season, the weather in Mexico during Christmas time is pretty much perfect.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic’s large, all-inclusive cheap hotels offer you the most accommodating and convenient vacation. They have a reputation with their boast hotels and resorts. There are about 200 hotels in Punta Cana and Puerto Plata that you can choose from. The resorts and hotels ensure that you’re well-accommodated in your entire stay.


As Christmas falls during the first month of summer, most Australians enjoy cookouts on the beach. Why not join them? If Christmas with snowmen and reindeers is getting a little old, why not spend your day in one of the most stunning beaches in Australia? One of the best beaches you can visit in the whole world is Bondi Beach which is located in Sydney, Australia.

Canary Islands, Spain

Aside from Australia, you can also experience a sunny Christmas season in Spain. The Canary Islands has a warm December temperature that differs from other usual Christmas destinations. The weather in Spain highly offers visitors a chance to soak in the sun and sand.

By visiting the islands, you can also explore its soaring volcanoes, or taste wine from the indigenous regions. If you’re the adventurous type, spend your holiday sailing on the awesome beaches of the Canary Islands.


Christmas with your family, friends, and partners can be satisfying and worthy. It can be more satisfying if you’re spending it in a fabulous and breathtaking place. Be in those places that can boost your Christmas spirit.

Countries such as Australia, Spain, the Dominican Republic, and even Malta have the best places for you and your family to spend. You also don’t have to look far as California and Florida are also great places to come when the yuletide season comes. No matter where you go, be safe and enjoy your travels!