Tom Brady ‘could still play in the NFL’, says ESPN commentator Joe Buck – who says he would NOT be surprised if legendary quarterback, 46, led a team to the playoffs

  • Buck says that Brady could still have what it takes to bring a team to the playoffs 
  • But all signs indicate that Brady is dedicated to being a better broadcaster 
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ESPN broadcaster Joe Buck believes it’s still within the realm of possibility for Tom Brady to come back to playing in the NFL.

Brady is expected to debut on Fox’s top football commentary team this year – joining play-by-play man Kevin Burkhardt in the booth for Cowboys-Browns in Week 1 of the season.

But speaking to ‘Questions for Cancer Research’, Buck believes that there still could be a path back to the field for Brady if he wants to explore that.

‘I would never bet against him,” Buck said during the interview. “I feel like he said that with a kind of twinkle in his eye. 

‘I don’t know him very well at all but I think that would be a stretch. But if there is anybody who could do it, I would say it’s him. 

ESPN’s Joe Buck says that he could see a path for Tom Brady to return to the NFL if he wants

But all signs point to Brady dedicating himself to becoming a better broadcaster for Fox

But all signs point to Brady dedicating himself to becoming a better broadcaster for Fox

‘If there is anybody who’s going to stay in shape so he could do it, I would say it would be him.

‘Would I be floored if it happened or if he came back and somehow guided a team into a postseason? No. 

‘Because I think he knows with his savvy and his mind and his experience where to go with the ball, when to go with the ball, and could get through a game maybe if he was 60.’

Buck added:  “I think all these guys want to be wanted…but this is the NFL,” he said. “Long answer, could he do it? Yeah. 

‘Would he do it? I think all the planets would have to align for something like that to happen.”

While Buck could see it happening, the signs don’t point to a return as Brady seems steadfast in his pursuit of being a better broadcaster.