Tom Brady offered Bucs offensive line ‘$1,000 cash EACH’ for screens leading to plays of over 15 yards, reveals former guard Ali Marpet

  • Marpet and Brady played together for two seasons with the Buccaneers
  • How many times Brady gave out the reported cash incentive is also unclear
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Former NFL quarterback Tom Brady offered offensive lineman $1,000 in cash for each successful screen play of 15 yards or more, according to former teammate Ali Marpet. 

Marpet played with Brady for two seasons, the quarterback’s first two with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, including winning the Super Bowl in 2021.  

Marpet did not clarify when the proposal from Brady was on the table, or whether he had offered similar deals to teammates throughout his lengthy career. 

The reported motivation from Brady to those blocking for him and the Tampa Bay offense was because the team was ‘abysmal’ at screen plays. 

Screen plays are typically deployed to give a running back or fast wide receiver space and blocking on the outside, without giving the defense much of a chance to adjust.  

Tom Brady won seven Super Bowls in his career, including his last in 2021 with Tampa Bay

Marpet played in the NFL for seven seasons, all coming in Tampa Bay, and retired in 2022

Marpet played in the NFL for seven seasons, all coming in Tampa Bay, and retired in 2022

‘(Brady) took our starting offensive line to the side and he’s like, “Hey, if you guys can get a screen to go for more than 15 yards, I will give you $1,000 cash each,”‘ Marpet told  

‘That is for you guys. So every time that we get that, I will be happy to make that payment,’ Marpet added of Brady’s proposal. ‘Are you kidding me? Like a little extra juice, so those kinds of things (Tom did to motivate).’

How many times did Brady give out at least $5,000 to the Buccaneers offensive linemen?  

‘There were definitely multiple 15,’ Marpet added. ‘So those kinds of things. Again, Tom just knowing how guys are wired and what goes a long way and inspiring and getting the most out of his guys.’

Any screen play would see at least five offensive linemen on the field at once, with a maximum of eight players blocking on the line of scrimmage, although those scenarios are mostly used around the goal line.  

Brady has a reported net worth of around $530million, making his incentive pocket change. 

Per, one Buccaneers coach at the time responded to Marpet’s claim with a smile emoji and stated ‘Ali ain’t lying.’