Top 3 Share Market Partner Program

Getting a partnership with a stock broking company is well structured and the companies basically walk their customers through the process personally. The issue which arises is rooted at the decision making process, where deciding to stick with a particular company becomes difficult.

Here is to our expertise and knowledge, through which we have drafted this article, to make the decision making process a cake walk for you.

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What is a Share Market Partner Program?

With the increasing number of clients, rendering a personalized experience to the clients becomes difficult. This is where for the sake of their expansion companies offer well built up share market partner programs. Such programs let the interested people find a motive of doing business, where everything is well developed in advance.Companies ask for a small initial amount of investment, through which a partnership can be formed, and the sub brokers can operate business under the broking house’s trade mark. Business plans is entirely transferred to the partners, through which they have to serve and increase the stock broking company’s client base.

Top 3 Partner Programs in India

Generally, the first thought people have regarding the decision making process is associated to – best in the industry. It is usual to perceive this way, and encouraging your thought of going for the best stock market partner program we have included the top 3 companies as per the current market.

Angel Broking Partner Program

Starting a venture with low investment is possible with this stock broking firm’s share market partner’s program. Being the highest number of sub brokers holders, this company made new registrations easier. Gaining a registrations number and a small fixed deposit with the firm is all you will need, whereas the marketing and other responsibilities are taken up by the broking house.

Upstox Partner Program

With a low initial investment demand one can easy become a partner with the broker, and earn handsome money. One can increase their income as much as they can, depending upon the capability. Creating a network and team under on belt is all one needs in order to start making some money.

Check here to find all details of Upstox Partner.

Zerodha Partner Program

Since 2015, Zerodha has launched its partner program which led to a total of more the 1000 successful sub-broker partnerships till date. Zerodha has been all over the internet since the launch of the program, as they provide profitable deal, with zero investment.

Why they are the Best Partner Programs?

A profitable deal, yet easier to get is always the first choice of people. This is a smart move, where one can decide to invest in a franchise program offered by the top stock brokers. The introduction of the top 3 partner programs has already been given above, here is why you must prefer them:·

Venture generally requires a lot of funds to commence, but all the three programs require you to invest the least of your money.·         Revenues made from the trades and partnership is as well flexible, where a partner will be entitled to a greater portion of the brokerage.

Getting a partner tag with the companies are just simple and quick, without a lot of time consumptions.

Marketing and other business strategies are undertaken by the companies themselves, reducing the hassle of starting from the scratch.

Apart from Partner Program, few of these brokers also offers Sub Broker Franchise. Sharekhan Franchise is one of the best among others.


Freedom of choice lies with you, where you need to come up to the conclusion of selecting a company you wish to form partnership. But, if you wish to do so with some reputed brokerage houses, you have the other three options available with you. Presently, they are the best we got in the market to partner with.