Top 4 causes of the IT repair industry boom in 2022

The IT repair industry is seeing significant growth in 2022.

Across the globe, more and more people want to repair their broken devices, rather than replace them. Our laptops, tablets, and phones are almost part of our identity. And we can’t do without them. When one of them breaks, it can be disastrous.

Here are the top four reasons why people are choosing repairs over replacements in that situation.

1 – Overall PC Cycles Have Slowed

First off, one of the major factors in the rise of the IT repair industry is that hardware isn’t being phased out as quickly as it used to.

In the past, the time span between the launch of a new phone or a computer model and its disappearance from the market was only three years. According to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, this interval has now extended to almost six years.

Consequently, people don’t need to buy new devices as frequently as they used to. Plus, many don’t need the latest hardware to go about their daily digital business like using office software or shopping online.

2 – Economic Worries Curb IT Spending

In 2022, many people have been struggling financially.

Some are still grappling with the effects of the pandemic, especially now that stimulus programs have run out. Most are facing inflation and the painful cost of rising gas prices.

With all of this, it’s not surprising that they’re more reluctant to spend the big bucks on electronics. Having your broken phone or PC repaired is a much more budget-friendly option than replacing it.

3 – Repairs Have Been Facilitated by Laws, Canvassing, and Online Communities

In the past, IT repairs have been tricky. In fact, tech companies actively tried to make them as difficult as possible by gluing parts together or adding specialty screws.

Fortunately, this is changing. Not only is international legislation obliging companies to stop these practices, consumers have also canvassed for their right to repair.

As a result, more and more tech giants are hopping on the repair bandwagon. They’re releasing instructions and spare parts. Apple even announced a DIY repair program.

In addition, online communities on platforms like YouTube and Reddit provide free help and information for anyone who wants to take a stab at repairing their devices.

4 – Sustainability is Key

Sustainability has been a growing concern, not just for individuals, but for the entire tech industry.

Consumers are increasingly eco-conscious. They make choices based on what they feel is sustainable for the planet.

Considering the devastating effects of the climate crisis, that is hardly surprising.

Opting to repair devices instead of replacing them is a result of that. Repairing a device significantly reduces pollution, carbon emissions, and the number of raw materials that it takes to keep people digitally connected and happy.


Even with all of this, the IT repair industry still has many challenges ahead – like passing from a trend to the mainstream and convincing recalcitrant tech companies to allow repairs.

Still, the economic impact is already undeniable.

For example, IT repairs specialist TekEurope observes: “We have seen an increased demand for repairs amongst our customers due to the lack of availability of new products post COVID-19, the cost savings offered, and the desire to lessen their environmental impact.”