Top 4 Cutting Edge Smart Home Technologies in 2021

Technology seems to advance so quickly that if you blink you will miss it happening. From powerful PC computers with unbelievable processing speeds and spectacular graphics to impressive automotive technologies you find in brand new cars these days, the amount of technology we utilize daily is staggering.

It is a good thing is that, for the most part, it improves our lives in just about every way.

Have you noticed that most car brands offer fully electric vehicles that run on batteries that recharge at a fraction of the cost of regular gasoline fill-ups?

Technology has spread to every sector of life and is sure to continue to grow and improve over time. In fact, many new home builders are including some interesting and useful technologies that are built right into the new home you purchase in 2021.

Built-In Wi-Fi

When this was first introduced in 2019, it just made sense. Smart builders who focus on the lifestyle that homeowners will experience once they have purchased a house from them, install Wi-Fi during the home’s construction. It is often located in the rafters under the roof in the crest so that you get the highest and most clear location possible.

Consequently, your Wi-Fi & router are invisible within the home and function well for many years.

Most builders offer their version of the wireless package but allow homeowners to purchase custom routers and custom Wi-Fi equipment if they want more bandwidth; for gamers, this is a dream come true. You can set your Wi-Fi distance to cover your entire house and maybe the porch areas, as well.

Then, your friends and family can easily connect to superfast Wi-Fi when they visit, without ever seeing bulky routers and endless wires coming out anywhere the eyes can see.

Central Vacuums

This is not exactly a new technology but having central vacuums in 2021 is a plus. You can install powerful vacuums these days that will last for years and suck up just about anything you throw at it. Plus, there can be hookups in each room which makes cleaning way simpler and more efficient. The most expensive central vacuums on the market are Dyson level systems, but they are extremely expensive to buy, and the installation is at a cost, as well.

However, how cool is it when you can set your vacuum’s daily or weekly routines once, and your floor will stay clean and vacuumed without another thought about it.

Alexa Controls the House

These days, everyone has some type of Alexa assistant that helps with everything from creating your grocery lists to playing your favorite tunes, and you will often find them in new homes today. Alexa controls the lights inside and outside, the appliances, and she is hardwired permanently into the home during construction. You can even customize your online assistant through an iPad, which puts the entire home’s controls at your fingertips, or you can utilize voice controls.

Alexa home has become much more intelligent and responsive because it learns more about what your schedule is when your bills are due each month, helps keep you organized on household and business obligations, and will even lock your doors remotely via secure phone apps if you forgot to lock them when you left.

Smart Home Appliances Organize You in Many Ways

Arguably the best technological advancements that make daily life much easier, especially for parents with kids living at home, are the smart home appliances. They range from multifunction espresso makers that connect to your iPhone through an app, to smart refrigerators that let you know when you’re getting low on milk and eggs.

The Sharp brand smart microwave, for example, has Alexa integration and uses Wi-Fi to accept cook times, and many other functions via voice control. You can literally tell your microwave to cook your breakfast, and it will.

What Do the Experts Think About Advancing In-Home Tech?

According to top real estate agents who deal with buyers and sellers daily, homebuyers appreciate the advancing technology being built into homes recently. They admit that, in many cases, the homes for sale are much easier to sell when they provide potential buyers with a plethora of creature comforts and cutting-edge technology included.


With the future already here today, the technology enriching our lives continues to grow and becomes more advanced. We can all benefit from smart homes that have technologies built right into the home. Having Alexa or Google Assistant or other online assistants nearby helps with many tasks and obligations throughout the day.

Undoubtedly, tomorrow’s smart homes will have even more tech that we can all use to make our lives better than they are today.