Top 4 digital professions that can be mastered in 3 months

The pandemic has changed the lives of people around the world.

But it hit the labor market especially painfully. Some people are forced to look for an opportunity to quickly learn a new profession, which, in addition to a stable income, would guarantee employment even during a crisis.

The main ones on this list are tech jobs. If you read a Senior Java developer job description, for example, you can see that it requires highly specialized experience, while other professions require only minimal training.

Almost everyone will find a specialty according to their abilities because there is a place for everyone.

Let’s break down the top five professions that can be mastered quickly.

Internet Marketer

Training this specialty to a high level can take more than three months, but you can start working and get the first money for it at the beginning of training. Some courses offer practice on real projects, an invaluable experience that significantly speeds up learning.

An internet marketer is an online marketing specialist with many responsibilities, from analyzing the target audience to creating advertising creatives. This job is suitable for people who can multitask, analysts, creatives, and nature-born leaders.

The best start is self-study, but then you need to take courses since you can systematize knowledge and get the necessary experience and feedback only with the help of a mentor.

The start in the profession can be quick and very successful, and the demand for specialists is very high.

SMM manager

Almost the same as an Internet marketer, but in a narrower concept. An SMM manager works with social networks.

The profession is ideal for those who are familiar with the system of communication of people in social networks, who can quickly grasp trends, and feel the audience.

Copywriter or content manager

Copywriters write texts to be published online. The profession is divided into two specializations: web writers who write informative articles for web resources, and copywriters who write sales texts.

The first specialty requires the ability to search for and structure information, superb writing skills, and literacy.

You can learn quickly and even on your own. But the income of such specialists is lower than that of sales copywriters.

A content manager is a specialist promoting a product with content. That is, it is the manager who develops the promotion strategy, selects topics and audience coverage, and the copywriter writes the texts themselves.

An experienced copywriter can become a content manager; it is difficult to enter this profession without specific skills in working with text.


There are many graphics, motion, 3D, and web design specializations. Creative people who have taste, skills in creating high-quality images, and at least initial skills in working with image editors can master some specialties relatively quickly.

Others are more complex, such as a motion designer which requires specialized training.

Of course, the salaries of these specialists are incomparable to those offered in freelance Java jobs, but with professional growth and passion for work, you can take your place in the digital sphere.