Top 5 Best Gambling Movies to Watch Right Now

Feeling bored on a Sunday night? Spice things up with a classic gambling movie in between your punting sessions. No need to waste more time hunting for the perfect movie as we have taken a tedious tour through the archives and found out some all-time great films based on casino gambling.

Now, before you continue reading further, we recommend you to get some popcorn ready as our favourites will hit you right in the feels.

Casino (1995)

Whether you are into gambling or not, if you are a movie buff, chances are you have already heard of this classic 90’s hit movie based on the mob-controlled Vegas nightlife in the casinos!

In this movie, you get a glimpse of the casino business empire rising while a series of murders, deception, money-hungry moves take place. With a powerful cast consisting of Robert de Nero, Joe Pesci, and the ever-so-glamourous Sharon Stone, you may forget about blinking as the plot unfolds.

Based on Nicholas Pileggi’s book Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas, the movie loosely spins around true events confronted by real people. So, if you feel like some punting after watching this movie, head to AllGambling for the best gambling sites and create some memorable stories of your own.

The Sting (1973)

Travel to the golden days of Hollywood blockbusters and enjoy watching the star duo Robert Redford and Paul Newman trying to con a heinous crime boss. Set in the 1930s, the movie brings to life the lusty Chicago city where high-rollers control the gambling world.

Packed with twists and turns, and some stylish wardrobe maintenance, this movie gets more and more exciting and gives you that sigh of pleasure once the credits start rolling.

The best part is that the movie is available on Netflix. So, all you have got to do is to lie on your trusty old couch, grab some munchies, and get this amazing movie streaming for a 2-hour sensational journey through the underworld crimes.

21 (2008)

Can’t get enough of the heist movies? Throw in some gambling in the mixture, and you will get the gist of this super-hit American drama film. The plot follows a crafty college professor with a knack for gambling training five students to turn into card-counting experts. Once they master the tricky art, they swindle millions of dollars playing blackjack in the biggest casinos in the world!

Wads of money, lavish lifestyle, endless parties trigger more frequent visits to the gambling sites. The rest is almost every gambler’s worst nightmare that you want to avoid at all costs.

This movie will not only give you an insight into blackjack gambling but also show you how too much greed can destroy a gambler’s career. So, if you are a rookie in the gambling industry, don’t forget to give this movie a try. When you are all wised up, try some blackjack at AllGambling online gambling sites.

The Gambler (2014)

Just as the title suggests, this movie sheds light on the gambling addiction of a university professor. A high-stake bettor, Jim Bennett gradually falls deeper into a never-ending hole that requires risking it all – his money, his life, and his relationship. As the movie progresses, the lead character is constantly tested with life-changing decisions that any serious gambler might be able to relate to.

Apart from the captivating screenplay, the movie shines with the strong presence of Mark Wahlberg and Brie Larson. If you are a fan of either of them, the more reason for you to watch the movie.

A praiseworthy remake of the classic 1974 film of the same name, The Gambler is a must-watch movie for the new and expert punters alike. It acts as a severe warning and exposes the raw aspects of gambling addiction, which is especially why you should watch it to keep your punting habits in check.

The Cooler (2003)

A romantic drama film with some hard-core casino actions – a perfect combo to enjoy with your partner and have a great time! As for the storyline, it’s much more than cocktails and sweet talks. You will get a peek into the casino superstitions about luck and how it can play tricks on the gamblers’ minds. As a bonus, there will be some fun scenes to lighten up the mood.

The movie revolves around a ‘cooler’ who has terrible luck that prevents other gamblers from a winning streak whenever he stands near them. As the cooler’s ill fate changes into a lucky charm, so do others’ luck gambling at the casino. As everyone starts winning big, well, you can guess how the owner will react.

If you are looking for a casual heartwarming movie without compromising your love for gambling, this is the movie you need to stream on Netflix right away.

Some Other Gambling Movie Nominations

No worries if our top 5 recommendations have already been on your ‘watched’ list. We have a few other names that will keep you busy for some time.

First, we have Casino Royale. A cult-classic for James Bond fans, this movie centres around poker tables with casino sharks and jaw-dropping showdowns. Whether you have already watched it or not, this movie deserves to be celebrated again and again for its incredible take on the magnificent and terror-inflicting insight into the gambling world.

Up next, there’s  The Cincinnati Kid. Watch this phenomenal 1965 movie and follow an ambitious casino small-timer competing against a high-roller at the poker table. This nerve-wracking movie is full of suspense and is sure to leave you in awe long after it’s over.

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