Top 5 Best Online Literary Magazines

Online Literary Magazines are the next big thing. People are reading more and subscribing more to online publications than print.

We’ve rounded up the five best online literary magazines out there. Here they are:

1. Pressfuls

Pressfuls is an online literary magazine, publisher of horror and fantasy short stories. They publish three Issues a year in January, May, and September. Their stories are fresh, original, and vibrant. Their writers come from the US, Canada, the UK, and other parts of Europe. If you’re looking for really good horror and fantasy stories to read, this is the place to be.

They offer free-to-read stories and paid stories through subscriptions.

Subscription to an Issue is only $7.49 with a lifetime subscription to the stories, and each story has an audio version feature that comes at no extra charge. You can also subscribe to a Single story and costs only $1.49.

Subscribing is very simple and easy. No pages and pages of forms to fill out. Just a single form on a page and it takes less than 30 seconds.

Overall, Pressfuls is definitely the best new online literary magazine out there.

2. Carve Magazine

Carve Magazine is a literary magazine that engages with writers online and in print. They publish quarterly issues of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. They are known for their signature HONEST Fiction.

If you’re looking for some Honest Fiction, Carve Magazine is the site to go to.

They offer free and paid online stories.

The subscription to an Issue is $9.99. But unlike Pressfuls, their stories do not have an audio version feature. Also, you cannot subscribe to a Single story. Because of this, Carve Magazine comes at Number 2 but is one of the best online literary magazines.

3. Pank

Pank is a print and online magazine that publishes innovative poetry and prose. They publish two Issues a year: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter issues. They are known for experimental poetry and publish a lot of poetry.

If you are looking for poetry, or even more, innovative poetry, this is the site to be.

They offer free online fiction and poetry. The poetry does have an audio version, but the fiction does not.

Subscription to an Issue is from $12 to $18, but you cannot subscribe to Single prose or poetry with Pank.

4. Guernica

Guernica is a magazine that publishes fiction and poetry about global arts and politics in print and digital. It is a non-profit online literary magazine run by volunteers.

Guernica is the site to be if you’re looking for fiction and poetry about the current events and issues in the world. They also publish a memoir, reporting, interviews, and commentary.

They offer free online poetry and fiction stories, though the stories do not have an audio version feature.

Subscription is only in print Issues and costs $24.95.

5. Agni

Agni (Vedic fire-god) is a print and online literary magazine that publishes fiction, poetry, and essays. Agni’s been publishing since 1972. They publish two Issues a year. Their fiction, poetry, and essays are transformative and real.

If you’re looking for their earlier publications, you can find them online.

They offer free online stories, poetry, and essays.

Subscription in print for a year costs $23.