Top 5 Destinations for Marijuana Tourists

Cannabis has already become legal in many world corners.

Some countries promote only medical marijuana to use. But another category of destinations is a true paradise for weed tourists. Only imagine that you can visit a country with legalized marijuana and even join some special events related to this very topic.

If we speak about medical cannabis, most people are interested in this type of tourism. They would like to find a trusted provider of marijuana to heal their relatives or even treat themselves. That is why these buyers are searching for high-grade medical cannabis online.

There are special Internet platforms like Cannrank that offer an almost intuitive selection of the best-matching seller due to intelligent filtration systems and detailed descriptions of available products.

But relating marijuana tourists, are looking forward to destinations where they can have fun with qualitative weed and various exciting events concerning such an experience.

That is why the list of 30 countries where medical cannabis is legal can be shortened up to the top 5 ones with weed smoke-friendly places, allowed marijuana possession opportunities, and zero fines for its use.

Top 5 Countries for Those Who Like Marijuana Tourism

There are many travelers who are interested in trips where weed is absolutely legal.

That is why the list of countries with such opportunities is in demand. Let’s take a closer look at these destinations that do not limit people to their possibilities in the context of using marijuana together with its possession and another background.

1. Netherlands

Such cities and towns there like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Terneuzen are open to marijuana tourists.

But it is worth noting that you can possess only 5 grams of weed or less for personal use. Cannabis can be sold even in malls and coffee shops for everyone willing to try this. Be ready for fines if your possession is more than 30 grams.

2. Canada

There is a list of destinations where you can buy marijuana legally. It does not relate to the topic of medical cannabis that is legalized in 2017 in Canada. Just for fun, weed smoking is allowed in the following Canadian places:

  • Retro Arcade;
  • Mega ILL;
  • Hot Box Café.

Vancouver and Toronto welcome tourists with weed-smoking-friendly locations. That is why explore these destinations first to find something exciting for this purpose.

3. USA

This is one of the cannabis-friendly countries nowadays. You can count on the legal purchase of medical marijuana in 29 American states. Additionally, there are destinations to buy and smoke weed freely in California, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, etc.

The possession amount is limited to 3 grams of cannabis. It means you can use it personally but not distribute it in the USA or out of the country.

4. Mexico

It is interesting to know that Mexico has different rules for foreigners and locals in the context of marijuana possession.

For example, if Mexicans handle more than 5 allowed grams of weed, they will pay about $15-30 as a fine. At the same time, tourists are obliged to pay fines of up to $60-95 for this rule violation.

Speaking about public places with weed-smoking-friendly areas, there are many of them in Mexico.

One of the most famous places here in Cancun. Note that cultivation of weed and open sale of any cannabis substances and tobacco are prohibited for both Mexicans and foreigners.

5. Jamaica

If you are willing to find the destination with the most giant amount for weed possession, this is Jamaica. Only imagine that you can handle about 55 grams of marijuana personally. It means that you can use and even resell your cannabis somewhere but not in a large-scale way. One great deal for marijuana tourists is the opportunity to visit fields with the weed cultivated locally.


This list of top 5 countries is not limited only to these destinations. There are other locations where cannabis is legal not only in the context of drugs for medical use. Argentina, Ecuador, and other countries are friendly to weed smokers and other marijuana lovers.

Speaking about recommendations for cannabis tourists, it is better to check possessions allowed locally for this or another destination. This way you can avoid fines and other penalties for the country’s rule violation.

Additionally, do not forget to explore cannabis-friendly pubs and other public places.

Plus, remember that some destinations forbid cultivation experience and selling out weed of any type. Be responsible for trips of such kind not to pay fines and have other serious problems with local authorities.