Top 5 HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging Products in 2020

There are numerous reasonable points why sending SMS (Short Messaging System), or what we simply call text messaging, is still the fastest way to communicate with your clients. It is personal, precise, and direct, time-efficient, trackable, you can trust it, it has global reach and will aid you in delivering your message securely. What about those that need confidentiality such as texting client’s protected health information (PHI)?

Benefits for Using HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging Products for Patients:

  • Efficient chat and messaging features
  • Request appointments without having to go out
  • Receive notifications from healthcare professionals

Benefits for Using HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging Products for Healthcare Professionals:

  • Enhanced Workflow – You can secure messages such as appointments, laboratory results, and even prescription refill inquiries
  • The ability to treat a wider demographic of patients plus you can share encrypted information with patients or clients without the hassle of locating them
  • Seamless Communication – Gone are public announcements (PA) and loudspeakers. You can easily send your messages and advice your patients of which area are they needed
  • Zero Worry on Any Compliance Fines – As long as your practice or medical institution abides by the HIPAA compliant texting rules, you can confidently run without worrying about any sanctions.


Providertech’s CareMessenger is a HIPAA compliant texting app that ensures both medical professionals can utilize it without having to violate anything on HIPAA. Whether it is a photo and documents you need to send, encryption makes it easier for everyone. East but remains secure since identification needs to be done first upon accessing the messaging.

Providetech’s way of leveraging technology is to incorporate most EHRs and other institutional directories which leads to an automated and smooth workflow. No patient needs to wait in line as they make phone calls to talk to their provider or merely to leave a message. This creates a more satisfactory provider/payer-patient experience.

Providertech has its own way of helping those who experience domestic violence at home. By being in contact with their health provider or case manager, you can monitor and ensure the safety of patients by investing better and open communication with them. Sign up today with Providertech or find out about their packages and remove all your customer worries by providing them with a personalized solution.

Let’s look at the top 5 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant text messaging products in 2020 that will surely protect your details so none of them will be at risk of any data breach:

  • Automated Appointment Reminders – You don’t have to worry about no call, no show from your patients since you can either send them a text, call, or email them to make sure that they are reminded of their forthcoming appointment. This will also increase your practice efficiency and could make quick adjustments in the event of last-minute cancellations.
  • Real-Time Service Recovery Alerts – Everything is about NPS nowadays and with Providertech, you always have a way of recovering any experience that your patients may have found unsatisfactory. Through this product, you can have a higher chance of retention and you could find out exactly from your clients how to make it up or improve reputation.
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores – Through Providertech, you can monitor your patients’ online text-based survey or feedback to know exactly their intent. You can analyze the trending keywords and see the provider’s name or payer’s name and location based on network promoter scale scores.
  • Patient Communication Software – Isn’t it amazing when you can reach your patients where and when they are available? This is exactly what HIPAA compliant text messaging product’s about. They make sure you can correspond with your patients in real-time, simplify your current workflow, and make sure that your messages are tailor-made to your patient’s needs.
  • eTest Results Delivery – Most things can be done online especially during these times. Providertech made sure they have raised the bar when it comes to delivering Covid-19 test results via email or SMS. It’s a secure messaging system that freely allows you to keep them updated on their medical results and even send them electronically displayed documentation.

In conclusion, text messaging is safer than email but whatever your patients prefer, Providertech adjusts to patient satisfaction and they stay until you both see desirable results.