Top 5 men’s kilts to buy in 2021

If you are considering wearing a kilt for the next occasion, then you are at the right place because in this article you are going to get complete guidance for rocking the kilt look. Here I am going to tell you all the hacks that will help you stand out with your kilt no matter whether you belong to Scotland or not.

Most of the men avoid wearing a kilt as it looks very similar to a “skirt” and according to some people it’s girlish, but not anymore as I’m going to tell you how to prove that kilt is a men’s garment. You might have a few questions in mind before wearing a kilt like which kilt type will suit you and which will not and which kilt type is trending and which is not, I’m stating the top 5 men kilts which you can find here.

1. UT Kilts “The Standard” Tartan Utility Kilt

Utility kilts are made from heavy-weight cotton and designed to be hard-wearing and durable. These kilts come in plain colors or tartans and feature several pockets which make them very attractive to those who like to or need to keep a lot of stuff with them. No offense to all of the other kilts for men, but this tartan utility kilt is the kilt that makes you stand out almost on every occasion formal or informal and makes you look classy without any ifs or buts.

It’s a super quality purchase given the low price because good quality and attractive-looking kilts can go for crazy high prices. It’s designed so that you can easily walk or move comfortably so you will never feel trapped inside. Apart from that, it comes in several eye-catching colors as well so you can choose the color which suits you the most or according to your shirt and jacket.

Product Features 

  • Durable
  • A large number of pockets
  • Affordable price
  • Good quality
  • Attractive design
  • Color’s variability

2. AAR Men’s Kilt Scottish Tartan Kilt

AAR men’s kilt is detailed with side leather belting. It has a completely pleated back as a perfect men’s kilt is always pleated at the back so you can move around freely. An AAR kilt is made from a durable poly-viscose material that will last you longer than you think. You should prefer wearing this particular kilt design to casual events and go for others for your formal events.

Product Features 

  • Side leather belting
  • Pleated back
  • Comfortable
  • Material that lasts longer

3. Verillas Versatta Traditional Tartan Kilt

If you are looking for the most modern yet traditional-looking kilt then you should go for the kilt from verillas without a second thought. It comes with the traditional design with 2021 aesthetics, you need nothing other than this tartan kilt from Verillas to rock the traditional kilt game even in 2021. It’s made using top-quality wool to keep those legs warm making it a winter-friendly outfit. It can even keep its quality and consistency under tough circumstances. Style it with any belt you like.

Product Features

  • Traditional looks
  • Modern aesthetics
  • Top-quality
  • Winter friendly

4. Scottish Men’s Kilt Traditional Highland Tartan Utility Kilt

It’s a stretchy kilt, Yeah, you are reading it right. This traditional tartan utility kilt is stretchable and is made with 5% spandex to ensure no matter where you’re wearing it, your kilt is going to match your movements. It has all the bells and whistles you’d think a modern kilt would have, such as pockets, buttons, and the traditional waist-snatching side belt. It’s perfect for weddings, sports, and day-to-day wear. It also comes in several different eye-catching colors.

Product Features

  • Stretchable
  • Have buttons and pockets
  • Side belt
  • Perfect for any event

5. COS Recycled Polyamide Quilted Kilt

This one absolutely takes the kilt game to the next level by foregoing that traditional kilted look brings out a look that’s a bit classier. Made from a mix of recycled materials, this kilt takes an iconic silhouette and gives your kilt outfit a modern upgrade with a padded finish and belt buckle closure. It’s designed with clean-cut edges and subtle stitching with all-over quilting. it looks like a picnic blanket. Like, we have seen this exact look from something at Rumpl. Nonetheless, it will make you fall in love with it. It’s a strange yet upgraded way to take the OG kilted look for guys, it ditches the traditional plaid and pleats, still, it challenges gender stereotypes and fights social norms in terms of fashion. For that, we have to give it a 10 on 10.

Product Features

  • Padded finish
  • Belt buckle closure
  • Clean-cut edges
  • Allover quilting
  • Classier than a traditional kilt

Kilt Accessories for men

Here are a few accessories to go with your kilt adding to its attractiveness and making you feel more comfortable wearing a kilt

  • Sporrans
  • Sgian dubhs
  • Ties
  • Kilt pins
  • Kilt hose and socks
  • Kilt belt and buckles
  • Cufflinks
  • Headwear
  • Plaid brooches
  • Kilt shoes


I have enlisted above the top 5 kilt options that you can wear to any of your formal or informal events without worrying whether it will look good on you or not or whether it will suit you or not because all these kilts are specifically made for men to enhance their looks and personality. I have also mentioned the perfect accessories to go with your kilt as accessorizing any outfit is the perfect way to complement it and feeling more

confident with it. Wearing a kilt can really make you stand out in any event if you choose a perfect one for yourself and pair it up with accurate accessories. Whichever kilt type you choose to wear, wear confidence along with it so no one can ever stop you from looking all classy and handsome. I hope I helped you choose your kilt for your next event. Happy kilting!