Top 5 social messaging app

Social networking sites and apps have become a part of everyone’s life. People ratings for some apps are quite high than for any other apps. So here are some app which has a very high demand.

Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking app. Here people connect with each other through tweets. If you also want to retweet then you must make an account then you can like too. Unregistered people can only read. Some features of Twitter are to pin best tweets, GIF search, creating a Twitter moment, text-links, tweets threading, etc.

Gbwhatsapp is a good alternative to WhatsApp. This app is quite better and has more features comparing it to WhatsApp. Extra privacy option which lets nobody know when you are using this app, blocks the access of any conversation and many more features which are so good. You can download this app and enjoy all its features which you may not get in WhatsApp.

Netflix is the most top-rated app. The maximum time people spent on this. As it has a variety of good web series or you can say that all types of web series and movies are available which people are loving.

It has quite amazing features such as multiple account setup, watching videos of high quality, and many more. Once you open you have to take a premium and then you can make an account and can watch all shows.

WeChat is one of them high-rated apps which has an amazing feature and large user base growth day by day. Features such as voice/video call with no cost, chatting, stickers, etc.

It is also known as an all one app cause it has all those features that one needs. It is totally safe to use also. Just you need to sign in with your phone number and have to make a profile and good internet connection.

Telegram is one of the most popular apps. Features such as secret chats, lock chats, expiring invite links, home screen widgets, two-step verification, can delete the sender’s messages, etc. It is known as best in privacy features and even you can have multiple accounts on the same device.

It is just so easy to use and with such an effective feature. We suggest you download this app and know all its features. It is available in the Play store you can easily download it from there.