Top-5 the Strangest Bets in Gambling Ever Made

We think that none of us will be surprised by bets on the gender or the name of the child of the royal family, on the next club of some sports star or the long-term relationship of the celebrity. The bets are made every day, but today we will discuss unexpected and even ridiculous disputes, the results of which were strange bets and big wins.

1. Ashley Revell’s Favourite Colour

The roulette fan Mr. Ashley Revell got into a TV show after a single bet. He sold everything he owned, even his own house, and with $135,000 he went to the entertainment capital, Las Vegas, to spend all his money on one single bet.

The bet was made on his favourite colour in one of the local casinos. One spin of the roulette wheel and the bet on red doubled his fortune – Ashley Revell won 270 thousand dollars. This sum is similar to the maximum winnings obtained in Reactoonz by Play’n Go during all the times.

2. Incredible Investment

In 1989, Mr. X placed five bets predicting the future events: he was sure that by 2000 there would still be three TV series broadcasted (soap operas Neighbors, EastEnders, and Home and Away). He was also confident that the world-famous rock band U2 would not break up and the pop and rock and roll star Cliff Richard would be knighted by the Queen of England. Our bettor placed a bet of $50 on these events, and in 2000 this original bet worked! The lucky man received $320,000 instead of $50, which is an excellent investment.

3. Man Who Lost His Name

A New Zealand resident once played poker with his comrades, and an unpleasant moment came when he had nothing to bet, but really wanted to win back. His friends suggested that he bet his name and change it in case of a loss for a new one that will consist of 99 letters. The New Zealander lost and fulfilled his part of the contract – he officially changed his name to «Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Other Superheroes Combined With Frostnova».

4. A Person Willing to Do Anything to Win

Brian Zembic, a professional magician and Blackjack player, put himself breast implants of the third size as a result of a dispute, and the condition of the bet stated that he should live with a new breast for 12 months. He successfully did it and received $100,000. We do not know if this can be considered a successful bet, but we should note that after a year the breasts remained in place.

5. Tattoo with Meaning

Famous American streamer Jeff Gross made a fortune by playing and winning live poker tournaments. But his brightest bet is considered a tattoo with a rainbow on his shoulder, which brought him $550,000. The main condition was that the rainbow should remain on the body of a famous gambler forever.