Top Best Antivirus for PC: Keep Your Windows Safe and Protected


Cybersecurity issues are s  today, and cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and powerful than ever. Nothing seems safe, and your personal and business data is always vulnerable, and with the vast growth in information and communication technologies, this has become a complex transnational issue. Users are still at risk of online fraud, leak of data, identity theft, and loss of intellectual property unless you get yourself protected. The easiest and most efficient solution is getting antivirus for your device, which prevents, detects, and removes the malware from your personal computer. There are indeed a lot of options available, but the best ones ensure the digital privacy of you and your data, protecting you from unwanted invaders.

Choosing a single antivirus was a tricky challenge, but we did it and picked up the best antivirus for PC, allowing you to choose the best for you in this crowded market segment. It was a fierce competition, but Total AV made it to the top of our choices. In this article, we’re going to have a look at Total AV, the best antivirus for your PC.


Introduced in 2016, Total AV is one of the newest companies in the market. It has already marked its position offering a great feature set, both paid and free. Compatible among a range of devices, Total AV can be your All-in-one safety tool, protecting your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, across most popular operating systems. These impressive first steps and

User Interface

Right from the User Interface, Total AV beats many of its competitors. Its UI is intuitive and straightforward, easy to use, and has user-friendly buttons and navigation panes. All the features are easily accessible, and Total AV has made great use of colors to make it easy for users to understand the security measures. For instance, green means you are safe and protected, and red means some security risks are in existence.


The one-in-all Total AV acts as an anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and anti-spyware. It uses SAVAPI anti-malware engine, which is used by over 500 Million devices worldwide giving users the best antivirus protection out there. The virus detection rate of Total AV is also outstanding; it quickly detects, notifies, and removes the virus, being the fully comprehensive security suite.


Besides, Total AV protects users while accessing the web. Phishing sites are common now; they imitate real sites and steal your privacy and data. The ‘Safe Site’ feature of Total AV analyses and blocks any suspicious website. This extension uses a database containing a huge number of malicious phishing URLs and warns and protects users before it’s too late.

Real-Time Protection

Total AV provides real-time protection; it constantly monitors your system vulnerabilities and lets the users schedule scans, providing the choice of the kind of scan they want the software to do and also how frequent. Also, ‘Optimization tools and Disk Cleaner’ helps the system to perform at its full potential, freeing up system space and increasing the device’s performance.

Firewall and Safe Browsing

The software also provides ‘Remote Firewall’ features which allow users to block or unblock the connection requests easily. It monitors incoming and outgoing traffic and enables users to stay safe online with web security tools.

The additional paid feature is ‘Safe Browsing (VPN)’ which provides another set of features consisting of encrypted browsing, secure Wi-Fi, and unrestricted geo’s. That makes the user anonymous on the web and impossible to track or hack. It also eliminates your vulnerability to get attacked even when you’re connected to a public unsecured Wi-Fi. Also, it allows you to access favorite websites, no matter the physical location of yours.

Additional Features

The Cybersecurity doesn’t just end with protecting you from antivirus. There are a lot of other things to consider if you want to be entirely safe and protected. The additional paid features of Total AV include Password Vault, AdBlock pro, Safe Site (Pro Version) and ID Protection feature which is available in the US only for the time being.


With this whole line-up of fancy and exclusive features, Total AV is slowly gaining the title of ‘Industry-Leading Software’, capable of preventing even the most advanced cyber-attacks. The support system is also efficient with 24/7 VIP Customer support for Total AV Ultimate users and also equally available live chat on the website. The users have the choice of both paid and free versions, with a decent set of security and privacy features on free version as well. Moreover, the software uses your processing power as less as possible. You’ll barely notice the software running in your background, making it the best choice even for users with low computing power. The ’30-days money-back guarantee’ also lets users experience the free trial. You can start exploring right away from here.