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Top Fiat currency that dominates the crypto market in 2021

The way the cryptocurrency market is evolving will continue to revolutionize in the years ahead. We can see prominent trends in these eight fiat currencies taking place in the digital coin market these days. These fiat currency trends are going to dominate the market in the year 2021 as well.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin continues to be the biggest gainer in the cryptocurrency market. As the charts from reveal, it was the one trading on the top spot for four weeks in a row. The first eight weeks of 2018 have seen Bitcoin trading at $11,852.45 a coin.

Ethereum: According to, the cryptocurrency trading volume of Ethereum exceeds that of Bitcoin. The former has a price of $758,63 and the latter’s is $1095.85. The volume has reached $14.2 billion of the former and $10.9 billion of the latter. Ethereum’s success is also helped by the co-development of new blockchain applications that can be utilized to build games and applications for smart devices. If you want to earn passive income through bitcoin, then you can get started now.

Ripple: The next three gainers in the cryptocurrency market are Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. All these coins have fallen on the list of the top ten in the past eight weeks. These coins also possess good trading volume. Ripple is on top with a worth of $0.20, followed by Bitcoin Cash (0.14), and Litecoin (0.10).

Bitcoin Cash: Bitcoin Cash is in the third position with a price of $1,241.46 a coin. It was the fourth-largest gainer during the past eight weeks. Following Bitcoin Cash, a few other coins make up the fourth and fifth positions: Ethereum (0.08), Bitcoin (0.08), and Ripple (0.03).

Litecoin: The fifth on the list is Litecoin with a price of $121.77. It has gained a lot more than any of the other currencies. The entire cryptocurrency market capitalization of $57 billion has also contributed to the popularity of Litecoin.

Dogecoin: Dogecoin is in the sixth position with a value of $2.50. It has become the world’s top traded cryptocurrency in February 2018. The entire cryptocurrency market capitalization has increased by $18 billion because of this.

XRP: Ripple is the eighth cryptocurrency in the market. It holds a value of $0.03. According to CoinMarketCap, XRP is doing an admirable job in beating some of the leading coins of the market in terms of price rise. However, it has witnessed a dip in its worth during the past eight weeks, as the price has fallen to $0.04.

Dash: Dash has become the ninth top performer of the cryptocurrency market in the past eight weeks. The currency has a price of $270.45, which is ranked 10. However, the total market capitalization of digital currency is not that high. It is far from Bitcoin’s $2.2 trillion caps.

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As we can see, the cryptocurrency market has been flourishing in the first quarter of 2018. These are the five popular coins, which have been increasing in the past eight weeks, according to But as these cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, there is no stopping them from spreading their wings. All these cryptocurrencies can get