Top Jackpot Slots to Play in 2020

It is a ludicrous statistic, however, the grand total of winnings garnered from jackpot slots since the dawn of the slot machine gambling age is now approaching several billion dollars. That just shows quite perfectly how incredibly lucrative these games can be, with some of the jackpots in modern progressive jackpot slots just being completely and utterly outrageous.

Seriously, if you have ever heard of things such as Microgaming’s Progressive Jackpot Network you will know that the prizes available these days are second to none. However, whilst the jackpots are getting bigger and bigger, it hasn’t actually got any easier to win these prizes, although the games have got a lot more fun. Read on to check out these slot games to play in 2020.

Mega Moolah 

Mega Moolah is probably the most iconic progressive jackpot slot to come out of the 21st century, something that is proven by the fact that it is still one of the heaviest played online slots in the world, more than a decade on from its initial release. Microgaming has used a colourful and vibrant safari-style theme here with Mega Moolah, however, the real positive side is the money-making potential…

Oh yes, Mega Moolah is actually responsible for several of the largest progressive jackpot prizes ever won in the history of slot gambling, and it is all courtesy of Microgaming’s incredible Progressive Jackpot Network, which links tens of thousands of slot games together for one almighty jackpot! 

Mega Fortune 

Mega Fortune is a renowned online slot game from the renowned developer NetEnt, and it has provided a mega fortune (pardon the pun) to countless gamblers over the decade or so since its release. Mega Fortune utilizes a quintessentially Las Vegas inspired theme here, with all the tropes that gamblers can expect from a Sin City-themed online slot.

The big news is Mega Fortune’s progressive jackpot feature, however, because if gamblers are lucky enough to reach the final progressive jackpot they could be in line to receive well over a million pounds as a prize. 

Mega Joker 

Mega Joker is an insanely popular vintage style online slot also from NetEnt, widely famed for having a theoretical RTP of almost 100%. Of course, the RTP is only this high when gamblers are betting with the highest possible bet amounts, however, it is still an incredible Return To Player percentage.

Mega Joker has been modelled on the famous Las Vegas Megabucks machines, and as such its progressive jackpot is very impressive indeed. 

Age of Gods 

Playtech’s Age of Gods is certainly one of the best looking slots out there, with an intoxicating aesthetic centred around Ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Whilst the jackpot prizes on this game aren’t quite as big as the others, they do get paid out more often, so Age of Gods could resemble a better chance of winning a progressive jackpot slot.

And anyway, the jackpot here still often hits around half a million pounds, not exactly a small amount of money, is it?