Top Republican leading Mayorkas impeachment says ‘terrifying’ viral video of illegal migrant ominously warning ‘you will find out who I am’ after crossing border is evidence of Biden’s lax policies allowing TERRORISTS to enter the US

A shocking viral video of a migrant crossing illegally into the U.S. and issuing an eery warning displays the ‘terrifying’ reality of Biden’s border policies, says a top Republican. 

The video, which was first posted on X, shows what appears to be a Middle Eastern migrant giving an ominous warning to a reporter after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border into Arizona.

‘If you were smart enough, you’d know who I am,’ the migrant says. ‘But you are really not smart enough to know who I am.’

‘But soon, you are going to know who I am,’ the migrant eerily adds. 

The threatening encounter occurred about 12 miles east of Sasabe, Arizona, an exceptionally remote town that is home to just over 50 people. 

‘Regardless of who this individual is, it is yet another terrifying reminder of how Secretary Mayorkas’ refusal to enforce the law threatens the safety of every American,’ Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Mark Green told exclusively. 

His committee is moving to impeach Biden’s DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas next Tuesday for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ related to his fumbling of southern border security.

The migrant man (second from left) told the reporter ‘you are going to know who I am’

‘Since the beginning of FY2021, over 300 individuals on the terrorist watchlist have crossed our Southwest border between ports of entry, and there is no way to know how many more were among the 1.8 million known gotaways,’ Green continued. 

Some users on X have drawn comparisons between the likeness of the migrant man in the video and a known Azerbaijan terrorist recently released from prison.

But has not been confirmed that the man making the threat in the video is a known terrorist. 

DHS did not immediately respond to’s request for additional details on the illegal migrant in the video. 

Another video posted by the same account shows a portion of the border wall in Sasabe, Arizona, was destroyed that migrants could easily cross through the opening.

The viral interaction comes as many states – most notably Texas –  are at odds with the Biden administration’s handling of immigration at the southern border. 

Texas, which has been hit hardest by the unprecedented amount of illegal immigration occurring under the Biden administration, had set up razor wire and barricades along its border to prevent migrants from entering. 

The Supreme Court, however, ruled Monday that U.S. Border Patrol agents who report to President Biden could cut through razor wire in Texas if they deemed it necessary.

Rep. Mark Green presided over an impeachment inquiry into Sec. Mayorkas earlier this month

Rep. Mark Green presided over an impeachment inquiry into Sec. Mayorkas earlier this month

Republicans have largely disapproved of Mayorkas' handling of border security, and many members want him to be booted from the role

Republicans have largely disapproved of Mayorkas’ handling of border security, and many members want him to be booted from the role

Republicans have called the free flow of migrants crossing from Mexico into the U.S. a humanitarian crisis

Republicans have called the free flow of migrants crossing from Mexico into the U.S. a humanitarian crisis

Since that decision, over two dozen Republican governors from Alaska to New Hampshire have voiced their support for the Lone Star State to defend itself. 

‘We stand in solidarity with our fellow Governor, Greg Abbott, and the State of Texas in utilizing every tool and strategy, including razor wire fences, to secure the border,’ a letter signed by 25 Republican governors said.

‘We do it in part because the Biden Administration is refusing to enforce immigration laws already on the books and is illegally allowing mass parole across America of migrants who entered our country illegally.’

In response to the Supreme Court ruling, Texas Border Czar Mike Banks told ranchers Wednesday the state could install razor wire on their private property free of charge.

Mayorkas has failed to comply with Congressional requests to provide information on the ongoing crisis, Green told   

‘Over the last year, the House Committee on Homeland Security has requested briefings, documents, and information pertaining to dangers posed by Iran-backed terrorists like Hizballah at the Southwest border,’ he said. 

‘Secretary Mayorkas’ DHS has failed to fully satisfy these requests, even after FBI Director Wray confirmed before this Committee last year that the open Southwest border poses an increased security threat, and that joint terrorism task forces in all 56 of the agency’s field offices are occupied with threats coming across the border.’

‘DHS’ stonewalling is completely unacceptable, especially when our national security is at stake,’ he continued. 

Further, the Republican told that over 80 percent of illegal migrants from countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan are currently being released into the country ‘with little to no vetting.’  

‘The American people can see the truth, even if Secretary Mayorkas wants to deny it. Our border crisis is a national security threat, and this DHS secretary will be held accountable for it,’ his statement concluded. 

And that accountability could come as soon as next week. 

The Homeland Security Committee – which Green leads – wrapped up impeachment hearings and is expected to vote on articles of impeachment for Mayorkas on January 30 when the House returns from recess. 

From there, the articles can move to the House floor and Speaker Mike Johnson has promised that a vote on impeachment ‘will be held as soon as possible.’

The proceedings lasted only a little over a week, with two public hearings and no appearance from Mayorkas himself.