Top Seven Ways to Help You Quit Smoking

For several tobacco users, the tobacco urges or cravings can be pretty powerful. However, you are not at the mercy of these cravings, and you cannot let them take the better of you. Thus, whenever you feel an urge to smoke, regardless of how intense it may be, just know that it will pass in another five to ten minutes, regardless of whether you seek refuge in a glass of water, a physical exercise, or a cigarette.

Hence, every time you resist your craving, you lead yourself one step closer to quitting it forever.

So, here, we have come up with a few of the most effective ways to curtail your smoking urge whenever you feel like smoking.

Comprehend your reason

To feel continually motivated to quit smoking, you require a reason for quitting.

Joseph, a RazorHood representative who recently did the best oster clippers review, shares that, ‘I quit smoking to protect my wife and my unborn child, and that became my motivation to quit.’

Well, yell, shielding your family from the impact of second hand smoking is one of the principal reasons to quit. Further, you may also decide to quit to reduce your chances of developing heart diseases, lung diseases, or any other health condition. You may also want to quit to look younger. Regardless of your reason, ensure that it is strong enough to nudge you into curtailing your urge to smoke.

Use some nicotine replacement therapy

You can speak to your doctor and get recommendations on nicotine replacement therapy. Some of the prevalent options that you can try are:

  1. Prescription nicotine in an Inhaler or a nasal spray
  2. Prescription nicotine patches
  3. Lozenges and nicotine gums
  4. OTC medications to quit smoking, such as varenicline and bupropion

Some of the short-term NRTs., such as lozenges, nicotine gums, inhalers, or sprays, can significantly prove helpful to overcome your nicotine cravings. These short-term therapies are highly safe, and you can use them in combination with some long-term acting NRTs, such as non-nicotine.

Alternatively, you can even try electronic cigarettes. They can be a wise alternative to electronic cigarettes and lead you to long-term quitting.

Get rid of all your cigarettes.

‘The day I decided to quit, I threw away my cigarettes, all of it,’ comments Raun, an associate with MyPlumbersChoice, a platform wherein you can find helpful resources, such as no clog toilets. 

As much as we agree with Raun on this, we also recommend you to throw away the things associated with smoking, such as lighters, ashtrays, and even that cigarette pack that you stashed in your gearbox for emergencies.

Keep yourself busy

Another incredible technique to quit smoking is by keeping busy. When you stay busy, your mind is distracted and barely gets time to think of smoking.

Some of the activities that you can engage in to keep your mind busy are:

  1. Going out for a walk
  2. Exercising
  3. Chewing hard candy or chewing gum
  4. Keeping your hands busy – hold a toothpick, pen, or play a game.
  5. Practice deep breathing
  6. Go for a fun and relaxing comedy movie with friends
  7. Spend some time with your friends or family members.
  8. Go for dinner at a restaurant that does not allow smoking

Organize and de-clutter your space

When you decide to quit, you need some freshness and newness in your life for this life-altering decision. So, open the windows, change the sheet, dust your rum, wash your curtains, and vacuum the rugs. Anything that gives you that familiar tobacco smell must be replaced or cleaned immediately. Yes, even the smoke can make you vulnerable and invoke your desire to pick up the cigarette.

Speak to a doctor

Just like alcoholism and drug abuse, even smoking is a kind of addiction. If nothing seems to be working for you, immediately speak to your doctor, share your withdrawal symptoms with them, and get the requisite help.

Based on your symptoms, they may refer you to some support groups or any counselling center or prescribe you some medication.

Pick your favourite snack.

See, when you decide to quit smoking, there is a good chance that you may experience a surge in your appetite. So, to keep your hunger pangs in check, you need a snack. So, pick something that is both delicious and healthy. You can have it with you at all times.

Thus, anytime you feel the urge to smoke, you can pick your snack, eat it, and let the craving surpass. One of the best snacks that you can try is fresh fruits. They have natural sugars and are healthy and tasty.

So, these are seven vital tips that can help you quit smoking. Have more to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.