Top Telegu songs of 2020 that you will love them

All of us love songs, but not all the songs. Most of the songs are not better, and people don’t listen to them. As you have entered in this link, it is sure that you are a die-hard music lover. Here we will discuss some best Telegu songs of this year, which most music lovers love. These songs have made a storm in the music world, which is a particular matter. You will surely love these songs if you once listen to these songs. So, go ahead, read this article, and start listening to the best Telegu songs of this year. I hope that you will love all these songs. Naa songs provide all the Telugu songs you seek, so go check them out.

  1. ButtaBomma

ButtaBomma is one of the most famous and most loved Telegu songs of the year. The singer of this song is the magical musician Arman Malik. Arman Malik is one of India’s most famous singers, and there is magic in his voice. As it is a song of Arman Malik, the music got viral on social media within seven days of its release. Now it has crossed 50 million views on youtube, and it is also trendy on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The music director and additional music artist are Sid Sriram, who is an outstanding artist in India. Ramajogayya Shastri wrote the lyrics of this song. Thaman S did all the music combinations and additional programmings. This song is from Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo movie, which is also very famous in the Bollywood world. So, go to youtube and start listening to this song, and you will surely love this song.

  1. Samajavaragamana

Samajavaragamana is also now considered as one of the most famous Telegu songs of this year. This song is like a bang to the Telegu song lovers. It crossed 10 million views within the three days of its release. The singer of this fantastic song is Sid Sriram, and all the other music and programs were made by Thaman S. This song is the most loved one. You will be able to find more and more information about this song on the internet. There is a special feeling inside this song, which you can’t feel if you don’t listen to it. This song is exhilarating and heart-touching. So, listen to this song now to become happy with a special feeling.

  1. Ramuloo Ramulaa

Ramuloo Ramulaa is a famous duet song sung by the two most famous Telegu singers Anurag Kulkarni and Mangli. Ramuloo Ramulaa is also in the list of best Telegu songs of this year. This song is from the Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo movie. The other music and other works were mostly made by Thaman S. The lyric writer was Kasarla Shyam. This song has crossed 7 million views on youtube after the seven days of its release. You will surely love this song. Most people love this song, and you will find all additional information about this song easily on the internet.

  1. Oh, Baby

Oh, Baby is a rock Telegu song, which is also very famous. It has got very much popularity and tremendous audience support this year. The producers are thinking of considerable success in this song as they notice this song’s growing popularity. The singer of this song is Anurag Kulkarni, which was very famous and he was awarded from India’s Next Rockstar. Mickey J Meyer made the other music, and the hard-working and perfect mixing of music made this song very popular. Just go to youtube, search Oh Baby, and you will easily find this awesome Telegu Song.