Top Trends of online betting in the Sports Betting Industry

The global sports industry is growing at a record rate and is not about to slow down any time soon. With the digital revolution and advent of online sports betting, everything is looking up for bettors and sportsbooks alike.

Sports betting has changed a lot in the past two decades. What started as a marginal venture is now broadly embraced in different parts of the globe. And in countries where the governments prohibit gambling, enthusiasts are still finding ways to indulge in their favorite activities, nonetheless.

The online and market was valued at $ 46.9 billion and is estimated to hit the $123.5 billion mark by 2026, showing a CAGR of 11.4% over the projected time. This growth is thanks to advancements in technology like high-speed internet connection and secured payment options. The infiltration and use of smartphones is also another contributing factor. Besides, online gambling platforms are offering easy-to-operate mobile apps that enhance usage and will propel the growth of the market shortly.

Sports betting

It involves the prediction of sports outcome and placement of wager on an outcome. Basketball, football, hockey, baseball, boxing, track cycling, and horse racing are majorly included in sports betting. you can read more information on the link.

Key trends

APAC region to hold about a half of world’s sports wagers

It does not come as a shocker that the APAC region – Asia-Pacific – is the biggest sports betting market. With a population of over 4 billion people, it’s easy to see why APAC holds the largest share of the sports betting industry pie. This growth is mainly attributed to the increase in wealth and digital connectivity. But still, Hong Kong and Macau have ahead of sports betting revenue-generating regions around the globe.

The United States is the fastest-growing market

Today 63 to 73 billion of United States economy increased due to this activity and it keep ups to $10 billion on every year. If this trend keeps up, the US sports betting will hold a significant share in the global market such as joinsini.

There’s also a significant growth in other parts of the world

Sports betting holds more than 40% of the world’s gambling income, and most recent projections reveal that the CAGR is set to rise by 8.62 from 2018-2022. Other than the APAC and US, sports betting is also booming in other parts of the globe, including Europe and Australia. South America and Africa also hold a significant share in the market, though not as much as the US and APAC. This is due to limited internet access and more substantial macroeconomic aspects that influence GNP.

The future of sports betting

Now a day’s mostly activities of sport betting conducted through smartphones and tablets. This figure is estimated to grow to 45% by the end of 2019. Gaming platforms are also enhancing their solutions to match the rising demand. All we can say is that the future looks bright for the sports betting industry.