Top UK regions benefiting from necessary transport updates

Across the country, there have been talks regarding transport infrastructure and the necessity of updates throughout the UK. This includes train lines, tram installations, motorway routes, and more which are set to be implemented in the coming years. This will improve transport reliability, as well as helping commuters travel in an efficient and affordable manner. By implementing new transport infrastructure across the different regions, the country will also experience an economic surge, which what it needs amongst all this uncertainty.

North West

The north-west region has experienced a significant amount of growth in recent years, especially in cities like Manchester and Liverpool – where the economy is going from strength to strength. These cities are popular as a result in terms of investment in things such as property, for example. The Big Investment notes Liverpool in particular as “A city of culture that is constantly in a state of regeneration”.

In terms of transport, residents in these northern cities are at an advantage, as they can access other major cities in just a few short hours or even minutes. However, North-West MPs have expressed their concern regarding the unfair donations that the south is receiving in comparison to the north-west. This has enabled a surge in investment, especially in Liverpool where two train stations have been commissioned including St James Station located in the upcoming neighbourhood – the Baltic Triangle. This is beneficial to residents in this area, as well as investors who have purchased off-plan developments companies like RW Invest. By adding another transport link to this area, it will become one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in the North-West, while also boosting Liverpool’s economy as a whole.

Southern England

Despite the outrage regarding the South of England receiving the most funding out of all regions, there is still a significant amount of investment being made in Southern areas, including the capital. While London has been criticised for over-investment, it seems the Isle of Wight is definitely in need considering it is home to the most run-down train line in the UK. The island is set to receive £26 million from the Department of Transport which is being used to replace the rickety train line. Currently, the island train service running between Ryde and Shanklin utilises London underground trains which were built in 1938. Plans are in place to replace these antique models with more modern tube trains, which should improve the quality of the service for both residents and visitors.

Oxfordshire is also receiving some investment regarding an extension of the A40, which is viewed as one of the most problematic roads in the area. A Park and Ride infrastructure will also be added on the north of the A40 which should resolve the congestion problems and reduce carbon emissions.  

The Midlands

Another region that is pushing for more transport investment is the Midlands, where both politicians and businesses have reached out to the government with the hopes of them backing a £3.5 billion project. The Midlands Engine Rail Scheme, which is expected to be integrated within the HS2 line, would result in massive economic benefits for over 60 towns and cities located in The Midlands. This would see faster and more efficient services for those travelling through Birmingham, Coventry and Nottingham, with twenty extra trains per hour. It will also make a massive contribution to carbon emissions, as more efficient train journeys would mean fewer drivers on the road. This scheme is set to launch in mid-September 2019, and with hopes of the HS2 lines going ahead, this should be a beneficial investment for Midlands residents.