Traditional and Modern Gold Anklets to Choose From in 2021

When we think of jewelry, we hardly think of pieces that adorn our feet. That is because there are not many pieces specifically made for the feet. However, one piece that has remained a consistently popular choice as feet jewelry is anklets.

With great significance in Indian culture, anklets can be dainty, daily wear pieces, or heavier and more traditional pieces suited for the fanciest of occasions. And with great versatility in design, gold anklets can be staples when looking for options in traditional and modern designs. So, what are the different kinds? Let’s find out!

Chain Anklets with Charms – Chain anklets are some of the most common ones, with a delicate gold chain acting as the vehicle on which the entire design is crafted. The chain also adds incredible versatility, allowing you to add charms that reflect your likes and personality in the most delicate and fun way possible.

Gold Anklets with Pendant – Pendants add a sense of elegance to any piece, be it chains, bracelets, or anklets! So, choose simple gold anklets where the focus is a traditional or modern pendant and witness it enhancing your entire look instantly!

Gold Payal – All know how significant a payal is to an Indian woman. Regardless of the state, gold payals have taken on different traditional forms that perfectly reflect the culture and traditions of that state. So, you can never go amiss by getting a payal when shopping for gold anklets.

You can choose from light and dainty ones with clusters of balls or a traditional heavy one suitable for traditional occasions and events. If you are a new or to-be bride and are looking for bridal jewelry, these heavier options for gold anklets can complement your bridal trousseau perfectly!

Gold Anklets with Beads and Pearls – Gold and pearls are a heavenly combination, and anklets are no exception! So, if you do not want gold anklets entirely in gold, options combining gold and pearls are an excellent option to experiment with.

You can also experiment with pieces in colored beads, especially if you have a specific outfit you want to wear it with.

Anklets can be one of the most versatile pieces you own, only if you know what you are looking for! So, have a look at these mentioned above kinds to get you started on your journey of collecting gold anklets!