Tragedy as famous gamer N64Josh’s son Gavin Schmidt kills himself after ‘losing battle with demons’

  • Gamer N64Josh shared the news of his son’s passing over the weekend  
  • The father said he was touched by the support from the gaming community 

Gamer N64Josh heartbreakingly announced that his son Gavin had taken his own life after ‘losing the battle with his demons.’ 

The streamer, real name Josh Schmidt, shared the news on Tuesday after his son’s death and said it was ‘the hardest weekend of my life.’ 

‘I am broken,’ he said on X. ‘I know a lot of the gaming community knew him and loved him.’ 

Tributes flooded in for the gamer’s son, as Josh added that the ‘outpouring of love from so many of you is overwhelming and I’m so grateful for all the kind words.’ 

Gavin Schmidt, the son of gamer N64Josh, tragically took his own life over the weekend after ‘losing the battle with his demons’, his father said 

After sharing the news of his son’s passing, Josh took to TikTok to speak to his supporters, where he said making the video was ‘not something I ever wanted to have to do.’ 

‘I love this kid,’ he said, pointing to a smiling picture of Gavin, whose age is not known. ‘He knew it.’ 

‘He was incredible, he has no idea how many lives he touched, no clue.’ 

The gamer said in the clip that the loss was ‘still fresh’ and ‘very raw’, but added that he made the video because he ‘wanted the world to know how amazing he was.’ 

Speaking to his 70,000 followers, he said he ‘wanted you all to know how amazing you are, and that you’re loved and that you matter.’ 

‘The world is a better place because you’re in it.’ 

In the days since his son’s death, a number of Josh’s supporters in the gaming community shared their own struggles, with the father sending messages of hope to others in the wake of the tragedy. 

He said he had ‘snap streaks’ – a feature on the app Snapchat that counts how many days in a row users spoke to each other – with all his children, and was anguished to see the one with Gavin come to an end. 

Another viewer shared how after their friend passed away, they have paid the app to keep theirs going as it helped them still feel connected – to which the grieving father responded: ‘Sending love your way.’ 

‘Keep fighting, no matter, you’re loved,’ he sent to another fan, who told him they were ‘on the brink.’  

Josh (right) said his son Gavin (left) 'had no idea how many lives he touched'

Josh (right) said his son Gavin (left) ‘had no idea how many lives he touched’ 

Josh said he was anguished to see his snap streak with his son come to an end

Josh said he was anguished to see his snap streak with his son come to an end 

A GoFundMe was set up to help the family’s funeral expenses, which raised over $4,000 at the time of writing. 

The fundraiser, set up by a family friend, said Gavin was ‘loved, will be loved, and forever cherished.’ 

‘Loss is never easy and at times like this community is even more important than ever,’ the fundraiser read. ‘Gavin was known and loved in the gaming community.’