Transform your Home with a French Style Bedroom

With many of us spending more time at home now that Working from Home has become widespread and is growing in popularity, it is a great time to improve your home’s interior style. If you’re looking to give your bedroom a makeover in 2021, you may like to consider a French style bedroom. With timeless, elegant looks that are sure to impress your family and friends, the French style of furniture, marked by majestic curves and understated glamour, is particularly suited to the bedroom.

Choosing a Stunning French Bed

The centrepiece of a French bedroom is the bed itself, being a true reflection of your style and taste and something you can be proud of. A stunning French bed can transform any bedroom into one of sophistication and elegance. When purchasing a French bed, look for solid wooden construction, premium upholstery and a classic design. In addition, a towering headboard and handcrafted ornaments in gold or silver accent will give your French bed that touch of glamour to really elevate your bedroom.

To maximise the grandeur of a French bed, choose either a King or Queen size bed. A high-quality bed frame will provide you with many years of use and ensure you get the best sleep every night. To find the perfect French bed for your home, check out Grand Living and their collection of beautiful French beds  in a variety of colours and fabrics.

Dressing Table Glamour

When creating a French bedroom in your home, a mirrored dressing table or vanity table with a matching stool is a must have. A dressing table is one of the most quintessential, beloved and decorative pieces found in a bedroom or dressing room. Coveted for centuries as a status symbol and for the opulence exuded, dressing tables and vanity tables are an indispensable item in any French style bedroom. They provide far more than just a space to get ready, as a dressing table can double as a work or study desk for those working or studying from home. The dressing table mirror will also boost the light in your bedroom and give the impression of space.

Armoires, Wardrobes and Cabinets

For larger bedrooms, an armoire or French wardrobe is a versatile addition, providing both functional storage space and elegant style. French display cabinets are renowned for their beauty and are great for showcasing your collection of antiques and other treasured items. Alternatively, you may choose to add a glass display cabinet, with cabriole legs giving it an unmistakeable French look. A tall single door display cabinet is a popular choice as it doesn’t take up too much space.

Relax with an Armchair

A French armchair with lovely detailing brings a sense of refined ease to your bedroom and a touch of decadence that elevates your space. Another great look is placing an ottoman at the foot of the bed, which creates a luxurious and regal feel.

Whichever way you choose to style your French bedroom, don’t be afraid to embrace your own unique style to create a space that you love.