Travel for health – gastric band surgery abroad

Gastric band surgery is one of the easiest and less intrusive bariatric surgeries.

This, however, makes it also one of the most sought-after operations.

The lines will be long and the hospitals overcrowded. And unless you are very fortunate and are entitled to at least partially government-funded surgery, the weight loss operation prices in the UK can be ruthless.

These are the main reasons why so many people have chosen to take up a gastric sleeve or gastric band surgery abroad.

Our advice – when in need of quality weight loss operations, be it gastric sleeve, bypass, or gastric band, Europe has several countries with excellent clinics with professional staff and long years of experience. And not only…

The cost

Bariatric surgery cost across the UK varies a lot. Gastric band cost can be anything between 5000-8000£ – and this is the surgery considered easiest and cheapest. The most sought-after surgery though, the gastric sleeve, may cost anything between £9,500 and 15,000.

Now, let us take a look at a small country in Europe which is but a few hour’s flights away from the UK.

Be it gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or gastric band, Latvia holds very different numbers: clinics in Sigulda, Jurmala, and Riga all offer a full package of pre- and post-surgery health care, hotel and hospital stay, the surgery itself, transportation, and much more for less than £5000.

And the flights are very affordable and frequent, too.

The quality

Gastric band surgery abroad is of course about more than just the prices.

For example, the Weight Loss Riga clinic’s surgeon has 30 years of experience and the clinic itself has over 15 years of experience. They are performing around 500 bariatric surgeries annually. This speaks out, doesn’t it?

The time

Bariatric surgery is not something you want or can wait for years. But unfortunately, that may often be the case. There are qualifications and programs to get you ahead of the queue, but the chances to have the operation are small – or very costly.

In comparison, clinics in Latvia can deliver your gastric band surgery – or any other – in 2-3 months. How? Because that is all they do, and they have learned to do it very efficiently while not rushing anyone or anything.

The extra

Do consider that gastric band surgery abroad does not come alone – you get all the extras included in the price, from transfer from the airport to the hospital to having an extra spot in the room for your travel companion.

The hospital will take care of you every step of the way and do so for several years after the surgery. They even aid you with finding a post-operation cosmetic surgeon, should the need arise.

In conclusion, you can have your gastric band or any other bariatric procedure with less time, money, and personal effort, it only takes a bit of research and considering options abroad.