Traveling from USA to India in the Pandemic Era

The Pandemic that struck us in the month of March last year in 2020 has been through an on and off course ever since. Even though there seemed to be some ray of hope for recovery, the second or perhaps the infinite number of waves have been hitting us up constantly.

It seems like even with the vaccine program now, International travel will still be a challenge. The USA to India Cheapest flights is still a mystery for those who are still stuck in the US and Canada,  as there is a new ban on international travel from and to India due to its rising corona cases.

What is the latest update on the travel ban?

As per the Indian government, taking into consideration the rising number of covid cases across the various states in India and abroad, International flights have been suspended until the 30th of April 2021.

This helps the government in making sure that the covid cases are preserved within the border and no cases are transferred across international borders posing excessive threats and bringing in new strains of virus from across the globe.

The airline travel ban helps in controlling the spread of the virus and helps in regaining the travel position once the situation is under control.

What are the exceptions to travel from the USA to India?

As per the government, the travel to countries such as the USA, Canada, and the Middle East must begin soon after the lockdown restrictions until the 30th of April in 2021. Although it is possible that the government may delay the lifting of the ban for a few more weeks if the situation does not improve over the month.

Another possibility of travel from the USA to India is possible through some carriers under the Vande Bharat Mission and the Air Bubble flights.

The cheapest flights from the USA to India may be available through the Vande Bharat Mission in agreement with the Air Bubble Flight program where some of the flights are operational to bring in stranded Indian citizens in the USA who would like to return home.

These flights are available only in a limited span of time with a limited capacity. They do not run across the countries like a regular carrier. Therefore it is essential to enroll yourself in the Vande Bharat program and wait for the announcement of their next scheduled flight from the USA to India.

Exceptional Travel dignitaries

There are only some people who can travel despite the air travel ban from the USA to India. The special conditions under which these people are allowed are listed below:

  • Indian National Citizens returning home
  • Overseas Citizen of India with a valid US passport
  • Diplomats with valid Indian Visas
  • Businessmen with Business Visa
  • Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Technicians based on an invite from a reputed organization and approved by the Ministry
  • Technical, Software, Financial, Mechanical Specialists traveling for job-related requirements based in India
  • Foreign Engineers visiting for installation and repair of foreign-based machinery based on an invitation from a reputed firm approved by the government
  • Seamen with national passports based on permission from Ministry

Airlines Operational

Very few airlines are currently operational under the Vande Bharat Mission such as Air India, Air India Express. Some foreign airlines have also made a few flights to India such as United Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, KLM, Air Canada, and Virgin Atlantic.