Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon insists he ’empowers’ women by branding them with his tobacco chain tattoo

Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon insists he ’empowers’ women by branding them with his own personal tattoo – after placing an ad for a new ‘live-in girlfriend’

  • The Candyman said his girlfriends decided to get his Free Choice tobacco tattoo
  • Travers Beynon from Queensland said he’d never force women to do anything 
  • The 48-year-old businessman asks the girls if they’re sure they want the tattoo
  • He lives by philosophy which is ‘freedom of choice and freedom of expression’

A playboy tobacco tycoon has insisted that he ’empowers women’ by branding them with his own personal tattoo.

Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon as slammed by Gold Coast MP Meghan Scanlon for posting a job advert for an ‘attractive’ live-in girlfriend at his mansion. 

Responding to the criticism the 48-year-old insists that his many girlfriends requested to have his tobacco logo tattooed on them and were never forced to do anything they didn’t want. 

‘The last thing you want to do is tell a strong, independent woman what they should and shouldn’t do because they just rebel,’ he told the Courier Mail.

Travers Beynon (left) said his many girlfriends decided for themselves if they wanted to be tattooed with his tobacco chain logo

He said his philosophy is ‘freedom of choice and freedom of expression’ insisting that he doesn’t force the women to be tattooed. 

‘I always ask the girls ”are you sure?”. They have to ask me twice because getting a tattoo is a big decision.

Beynon's Free Choice tobacco chain logo tattoo

Beynon’s Free Choice tobacco chain logo tattoo

‘The girls are getting tattooed because it’s their choice. The philosophy of free choice, without the burden of what other people think, is what inspires them.’ 

Last week, Beynon advertised for a ‘100 per cent confidential’ relationship with a woman who is ‘totally loyal’ and willing to live in his Helensvale property full-time.

‘Not only must you be attractive to be considered as a girlfriend, but you must be fun, bubbly, out-going, spontaneous, adventurous and respectful to everyone,’ the ad states.

‘Travers promotes a strong family unity in the house. (Drama is not welcome at anytime).’

Last week, Beynon (middle) came under fire for advertising for a new girlfriend

Last week, Beynon (middle) came under fire for advertising for a new girlfriend 

In return, Beynon is offering his next girlfriend a life of luxury, promising to spoil them with designer clothing and accessories, fine dining, private parties, and ‘5-star travel around the world.’ 

The Gold Coast playboy also requires contenders to keep their nails manicured, hair well-kept and styled, make up done ‘to a high standard’ and maintain a tan.

They must also eat well and stay in shape. For this they will be provided with an allowance of $100 to $500 a week.

Girlfriends are also expected to attend family dinners and help out around the mansion. 

The advert lists two ‘deal breakers’ which included being in a current relationship and getting into any relationship other than one with Mr Beynon while living at the mansion.    



  • Attractive 
  • Fun
  • Bubbly
  • Outgoing
  • Spontaneous, adventurous 
  • 100% confidential
  • Totally loyal 
  • Extremely trustworthy
  • Looking for a genuine relationship  
  • Willing to help around the mansion 
  • Happy to move into the mansion full time 
  • Keep hair, nails, and figure maintained  


  • Being in a relationship 
  • Having a relationship with anyone else whilst living at the mansion 


  • Designer clothing and accessories
  • Fine dining
  • Exclusive private parties
  • 5-star travel around the world
  • Allowance of $100 to $500 a week

Apply here 

Source: Candy Shop Mansion website