Travis Kelce invited again to visit the Chicago Blackhawks by Connor Bedard – who offers to teach the NFL star how to play hockey and pays tribute to the Chiefs star: ‘One of the best football players in the world’

  • The Kansas City Chiefs tight end has mentioned Connor Bedard on his podcast
  • Travis Kelce and Bedard could meet up soon for a hockey lesson in Chicago
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Travis Kelce may soon be getting his wish of playing hockey with the Chicago Blackhawks, as star rookie Connor Bedard invited Kelce again to come meet the team. 

‘A couple guys were showing him unable to pronounce my name,’ Bedard said of the shout outs from Kelce. ‘That was cool, for sure. Obviously one of the best football players in the world. It’s great.’

‘Obviously he’s a Chicago fan, so that’s pretty sweet to have someone… Guys like Gronkowski and I think JJ Watt went out with the team, so it would be cool,’ Bedard added. ‘Maybe try to teach him how to play hockey a little bit.’

At first, Kelce couldn’t pronounce Bedard’s name correctly, opting for Bed-nard. But Taylor Swift’s boyfriend knew he liked watching the 18-year-old sensation play. 

Kelce later apologized for the mispronunciation on this week’s ‘New Heights’ episode before asking co-host, older brother, and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce if he’d seen the Blackhawks rookie. 

Travis Kelce has given Chicago Blackhawks’ Connor Bedard a few shout outs on his podcast

Bedard is an 18-year-old rookie sensation who has returned the high praise to Kelce this week

Bedard is an 18-year-old rookie sensation who has returned the high praise to Kelce this week

The elder Kelce said he hadn’t seen Bedard in action yet, to which Travis Kelce said ‘he’s a baller’ about the Chicagoan. 

Travis Kelce also reminisced about the time Rob Gronkowski, a recently retired tight end who played for the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, got to skate with the Tampa Bay Lightning.  

Kelce is trying to do something similar with the Blackhawks. 

‘He was in net for a practice or something like that,’ Kelce said. ‘It was a great bit. I kind of got jealous. I want to do it now. I want to hit up the Blackhawks and get in net or something.’

The closest NHL team to Kansas City would be the St. Louis Blues, about a 4-hour drive that converses the entire state of Missouri. 

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was in attendance and did chug a beer at one of the Blues home Stanley Cup Finals games against the Boston Bruins in 2019, but Kelce has opted to support one of St. Louis’ rivals.