Travis Kelce responds to rumors he will appear alongside Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore 2

Aspiring Hollywood star Travis Kelce has been seen wearing a ‘Happy Gilmore’ hat in public amid Adam Sandler’s production of the movie’s sequel, all of which has prompted speculation that the Kansas City Chiefs star will have a role in the film.

‘Whoa! Is that true?’ older brother Jason asked Travis on this week’s episode of New Heights.

Kelce did not offer a strict denial.

‘I didn’t even know there was a job opening for Happy Gilmore 2, but if there is, I’ll be a f***ing extra,’ Travis told his brother. ‘Anything to just get around Happy Gilmore or an Adam Sandler film or set. Count me in. Obviously been a huge fan of the Sandman.’

Unfortunately for anyone hoping to see Taylor Swift’s boyfriend on the big screen, Kelce all but dismissed the possibility.

‘This is exactly what it says it is: A conspiracy theory,’ Travis said. ‘Who knows? Theories can come true. Theories can be true and just people don’t know about it, so I might even be in the talking and nobody knows about it. But I could also not be in the talking.’

Travis Kelce is seen wearing a ‘Happy Gilmore’ hat alongside Taylor Swift in April 

Sandler's story about an out-of-work hockey player becoming a golf sensation will get a sequel

Sandler’s story about an out-of-work hockey player becoming a golf sensation will get a sequel

Like so many other conspiracy theories, this was born in a Reddit chatroom, where one New Heights fan picked up on a few details that can be generously described as ‘clues.’

‘There doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of evidence,’ Jason admitted while reading over the Reddit post during their weekly segment on fan conspiracy theories.

‘There’s three parts to this conspiracy theory,’ the retired Eagles center continued before referencing a recent interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger. ‘Part 1, on the podcast, of course, Arnold alluded to the Kelce brothers being in LA to set up movie deals. Part 2 is ‘Travis has been wearing this hat for a couple of weeks.’ Part 3 is Happy Gilmore 2 was just announced.

‘So there’s really no evidence to support this whatsoever.’

Travis was similarly underwhelmed.

‘The movie is getting made and I’m looking for movie deals,’ Travis said, summarizing the post.

Jason could think of one other supporting detail, albeit a flimsy one at best: ‘We both love Adam Sandler. So we’re just in line with about a thousand billion other people.’

The two went on to share their favorite moments in Sandler Films as Travis tried to envision himself in any number of roles from the 1996 original.