Travis Kelce reveals to Arnold Schwarznegger he tried VEGANISM but only lasted a week… as he claims brother Jason is a ‘real vegan’, despite the Eagles legend previously claiming he wouldn’t try ‘extreme diets’

Travis Kelce revealed he tried to follow in the footsteps of his older brother Jason and switch to veganism. 

The brothers had special guest Arnold Schwarzenegger on the latest episode of New Heights podcast Wednesday and they quizzed the famous body builder on his fitness regime. 

The former Governor of California advised the NFL stars not to follow the crowd and instead to figure out what worked for them individually. 

But Travis admitted he’d already tried to follow a trend set by his older brother after experimenting with veganism and failing. 

‘Jason does a lot of erm, what is it – you’re vegan?’ Travis said. ‘Jason’s real vegan. I always was out on vegan – I tried it one week and couldn’t do it. I needed way more protein though than beans. Have you ever gone vegan?’

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Travis Kelce (L) revealed to Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) that he had tried to be a vegan 

‘I have cut down my meat intake by 70 percent,’ Schwarzenegger revealed. ‘The one who talked me into it was Jim Cameron. He is vegan, 100 percent vegan. He has tremendous energy. 

‘I think it works because when you get older, doctors will tell if you have a heart condition – cut down on your meat intake. So I did. Started easting mostly vegetables, soup, cucumber salad rather than chicken or meat or steak, I still love my steak.’ 

Jason, who announced his retirement from the NFL after an incredible 13-year career with the Philadelphia Eagles, admitted it wasn’t an easy transition but was trying to skim off a few pounds after hanging up his cleats. 

‘It is pretty hard to quit,’ the legendary Eagles center confessed. 

‘I’m in the process right now, I’m retired. I’ve played my whole career 295. I’m trying to get down to 250-260. My goal is two pounds every week, lose it, but maintain my muscle mass. But I’m trying to maintain my protein, muscle mass.’

Jason had previously revealed his weight loss intentions when he opened up on his post-retirement plans on the first episode of the podcast following his emotional announcement but had claimed he wouldn’t try an extreme diet such as veganism. 

Travis also claimed that his older brother, Eagles legend Jason Kelce, was a 'real vegan'

Travis also claimed that his older brother, Eagles legend Jason Kelce, was a ‘real vegan’

The former center admitted he was trying to slim down after retiring from he NFL last month

The former center admitted he was trying to slim down after retiring from he NFL last month 

‘I’m gonna slim down,’ Jason said. ‘My goal is 250 [lbs]. This last week, I got down to 285 cause I knew I was doing this. And then I had cake for three days in a row.’

Jason also shared his approach on his journey to his desired weight. He revealed that he does not plan on starting an extreme diet but is taking baby steps by tracking his calorie intake. 

‘I don’t personally subscribe to doing extreme diets like going all the way vegan or all the way carnivore or keto,’ he continued. ‘My man Joe Thomas lost a bunch of weight [and] he’s all keto. And I’m like, ‘Dude more power to you,’ but f**k no, I’m not doing that. He looks fantastic, but it’s not worth, to me, doing that.

‘I downloaded MyFitnessPal and just started tracking calories. I feel like as long as I maintain my protein intake, so I keep my muscle and just kind of limit the calories, you’ll start to lose weight, that’s the plan.’