Travis Kelce told to stop complaining about Taylor Swift NFL coverage by Stephen A. Smith: ‘Stop. Bro, YOU did this, not the NFL!’

  • Travis Kelce said the NFL ‘are overdoing it’ in how much focus Taylor Swift gets
  • Stephen A. Smith laughed off his remarks on Thursday’s First Take episode
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Stephen A. Smith has criticized Travis Kelce after the Chiefs star said the NFL had overdone it in its coverage of Taylor Swift watching him play for his team.

It’s a storyline that captured attention across the world but on Sunday night, as Swift watched Kelce and the Chiefs play the Jets in New York, cameras cut to her in stands on 17 different occasions.

That led to Kelce criticizing the attention on his New Heights podcast that he co-hosts with brother Jason, of the Philadelphia Eagles. But Smith, speaking on First Take on Thursday morning, disagreed with the tight end.

Addressing Kelce on his 34th birthday, Smith said: ‘Honestly, in all seriousness, my brother. I love Travis Kelce. Stop bro. And your brother. 

‘First of all great, great podcast. Point is this – Travis Kelce, stop. Bro, you did this, not the NFL. If they get 27million viewers then more power to them. What about Taylor Swift? She’s sitting up there promoting her new album! 

Stephen A. Smith questioned Travis Kelce on his complaints on the NFL’s Taylor Swift coverage

Kelce said that the NFL were 'overdoing it' by how often they focused on Swift watching him

Kelce said that the NFL were ‘overdoing it’ by how often they focused on Swift watching him

Swift has been at Kelce's last two NFL games and was most recently at the New York Jets win

Swift has been at Kelce’s last two NFL games and was most recently at the New York Jets win

‘You (Swift) being at NFL games, that ain’t helping you? Don’t you got a movie coming out? You made $6million off a concert? She’s a marketing genius, ok!’

Smith then continued on his one of his trademark impassioned rants: ‘Number two – Travis Kelce you were once a part of a reality dating series! What is it, Catching Kelce? One woman from each state state, 50 women, was pursuing Travis Kelce.

‘The point is, the bottom line is, here’s the deal – that is what you did. And then we didn’t know anything about Taylor Swift – going to her concert, she was doing a tour in Kansas City. 

‘You wanted to meet up with her, she didn’t want to talk after the show and save her voice and you let the world know you got a bracelet made for her and you wanted to giver her your phone number.

‘Come on bro. Come on now. Listen, it’s all in fun. Maybe it is a bit excessive – people trying to capitalize off it, attention-wise and monetizing, I get it. 

‘But the instigator in all of this was you, my brother. I ain’t mad at you about it now! It ain’t a bad decision, it seems to be very beneficial to you. But you did it.’

The Chiefs play next on Sunday against the Vikings in Minnesota. It is not yet know if Swift will be there or not but she is not scheduled to be touring this weekend.