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Treasury in Teesside is a ‘golden opportunity’ to level up the North

Treasury campus in ‘overlooked’ Teesside is a ‘golden opportunity’ to level up the North, say business leaders

More than 100 business leaders have called for the Treasury’s new northern campus in ‘overlooked’ Teesside.

In a letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, they warned that choosing Newcastle, Leeds or Manchester would simply move London jobs and ‘would not be levelling up’ at all.

Signatories include firms such as PD Ports, Thirteen, Teesside University, Cleveland Cable Company, Wilton Group and Middlesbrough College, who collectively employ tens of thousands of staff. 

Teesside steelworks in Redcar, Teesside which closed in 2015, is to become a business park. Business leaders have called for the Treasury’s new northern campus to be built in the area

The letter talks of a ‘golden opportunity to give our region a much-needed, long overdue economic boost’.

It adds: ‘We have the first-class skills and a wide range of outstanding businesses to service a Government department.

‘We firmly believe transferring Treasury jobs, and the related investment, from one thriving city (London) to another thriving city (Newcastle, Leeds or Manchester) would not be levelling up.

‘Teesside and the Tees Valley has been overlooked for the North’s cities too many times before, so we call on you to give us this chance.’

Sunak has proposed moving 800 officials to the Treasury North hub, with other departments expected to follow.

A decision could be announced in the Budget on March 3. Treasury officials visited potential sites in Teesside last summer.