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Treating inpatient drug addiction at a methadone clinic

Methadone treatment will allow you to get rid of your opioid addiction, but it is easy to end up abusing it as well. It can get quite addictive after prolonged use since it is an opioid agonist. It would be best if you used methadone within the prescribed parameters and under medical supervision.

This is why you need a methadone clinic or a reputable rehabilitation center. Only through 24-7 professional supervision can you avoid developing a dependency for methadone. Professional rehab care will also allow your body to wean naturally from methadone use once you are over your addiction problem.

When you are looking at methadone clinics Cincinnati OH, you need to keep in mind that methadone is an opioid. There have been incidents of methadone abuse and related complications. To know more about methadone clinic options, read on.

Why do you need a rehab center?

When it comes to addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are two keywords that you need to keep in mind – tolerance and dependency. Once you start getting dependent on a substance, you will develop a tolerance towards it as well. That is where things start to get tricky – the more tolerance you develop, the more is the need to use. It will lead to physical, physiological, and psychological problems. The more you keep using, the higher are the chances of OD-death.

When it comes to methadone treatment, you need to understand that consistent MAT will lead to re-adjustment of the body to the opiate analog. Dependency is quite a natural phenomenon, and the more you use methadone, the higher are the chances of developing tolerance. That is why you need professional care and medical guidance so that a recovering individual doesn’t develop a methadone dependency issue.

Methadone rehab for gradual tapering of dosage

As stated in the previous section, methadone usage can also lead to dependency. That is where the right methadone treatment maintenance program comes into play. Rehab center professionals and experts will take care of the gradual tapering schedule for methadone dosage, which will prevent the intense withdrawal symptoms once you stop using methadone. Keep in mind that these symptoms might get unpleasant and risky if you are doing it by yourself. So, check into a rehabilitation center for the best care possible.

Keep in mind it is all about breaking the cycle of addiction and relapse. Here are the options you have when you are looking for a methadone clinic Fort Wayne.

Clinic options – inpatient and outpatient

The rehabilitation center for addiction treatment has two main settings: inpatient or outpatient rehab programs. Inpatient care is the residential set-up that will offer you 24 hours care, treatment, and assistance. As a patient, you will have to stay at the clinic for 60 to 90-days. An inpatient clinic provides the ultimate care for de-addiction therapy because the environment is structured, and you can concentrate on a complete recovery. You can overcome all the stressors, triggers, and distractions without any external hindrance. However, inpatient clinics are costly, and you need to inquire whether the clinic participates in your medical insurance and coverage plan. Keep in mind that insurance companies offer around half or partial coverage in the case of inpatient rehab centers.

When it comes to outpatient clinics, patients have more freedom. But, quite obviously, there are pitfalls to it. Outpatient clinics are usually for individuals with a lower degree of addiction and related issues. You will receive your medication only when you visit the clinic and join in at the NA 12-step meetings, group and solo therapy sessions as and when required. However, if you are a long-term user, you need to give inpatient rehab centers a serious thought. Usually, inpatient rehab residents, once cleared and released, join the outpatient program to continue with the follow-up therapies.

Do you need methadone therapy?

Inpatient methadone clinics are all about helping addicted individuals rid their bodies of the harmful drugs and achieve stable and long-term sobriety. You might be unsure about the treatment and the option that is best suited in your case. Make sure you are talking with your family physician to get an expert analysis. Inpatient rehab centers are a great option in case you are experiencing any of the following.

  • In case of severe addiction
  • In case of multiple drug addiction
  • In case you are suffering from any other medical issue
  • If you do not have a support system at home
  • If you have relapsed or dropped out of a previous program
  • In case you are pregnant

In case you or a loved one have tried and failed at addiction recovery through an outpatient clinic, then it is time to get comprehensive care at an inpatient methadone clinic. An inpatient clinic will treat your addiction and related issues better. Take care!