Trending Tech Upgrades for Homes

Is your home up to date when it comes to technology? Do you have a security system that can deter modern thieves and intruders? Are you currently spending too much on utility bills because of inefficient heating, cooling, and lighting? How about computer connectivity? Are you able to access the internet from any room in the house? Finally, is your home as comfortable as it could be? Many of the latest tech upgrades are surprisingly affordable, add value to the property, and offer the peace of mind that comes with owning a house that doesn’t waste energy, invite security threats, or lack communications capabilities. What are the top choices homeowners are making to meet those goals? Here are a few that are surging in popularity.

Smart Security Systems

The days of stand-alone alarms, dead bolt locks, and outdoor spot lights are gone. At least they are for homeowners who choose integrated, smart security systems. These new arrangements coordinate smart door locks, all-around surveillance cameras, motion-activated lighting around the home’s perimeter, direct to police alarms, and other features. They offer peace of mind, can be configured to any degree of customization, and can be moved from house to house. That way, you never have to worry about losing your high-tech safety devices when you move to a new home.

Home Lifts

Home lifts are showing up with more frequency these days on new homes. They’re also becoming popular add-ons to older homes for a variety of reasons. For starters, a lift adds a degree of elegance and class to any room. And when it’s time to go upstairs or down, what better way is there? For people who don’t want to endure the risk of climbing steep staircases, either due to age or disability, lifts are the ideal device for maximizing in-home security and safety. For homeowners who purchase from a New Zealand home lift company, adding this unique, attractive mode of transport means added resale value as well. That’s because unique, high-quality features not only attract more potential buyers, but add to the inherent value of the property.

Energy Efficient Appliances and Heating/Cooling Units

Consumers who purchase only energy-efficient appliances stand to save a significant amount on monthly utility bills. Many major appliances that are industry certified energy misers can cut electricity usage by as much as 40 percent per device. When you consider larger items like refrigerators, stoves, ovens, washers, dryers, and entertainment consoles, the dollars can add up, and so can the savings for those who choose to spend a bit more when purchasing these highly efficient appliances.

IoT Connectivity

Having high speed internet connectivity is one thing, but using that connection to enable an internet of things environment is quite another. When you opt to enable your smart appliances, locks, security units, and entertainment devices to an IoT network, you empower yourself in multiple ways. Not only can you minimize energy waste, but it’s possible to track usage of every electronic device inside your living space. When every device in your entire house is connected to the internet, you can coordinate dozens of devices to start meals, turn TVs on and off, deliver malfunction codes directly to manufacturers, and more.