Trevor Bauer’s 27-minute phone call with accuser Lindsey Hill is released: Cy Young winner admits to hitting her during one sexual encounter but claims she told him to do so in police-recorded conversation

  • Trevor Bauer is heard admitting to hitting accuser Lindsey Hill in the call
  • However, the Cy Young winner insists she was encouraging him to do so 
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Trevor Bauer is heard admitting to hitting accuser Lindsey Hill in a newly released 27-minute phone that was recorded on May 22, 2021 as part of the Pasadena Police Department’s investigation into her sexual assault claims against the former Cy Young winner.

‘I’m in a lot of pain, and I don’t remember, like, specifically asking you to, like, hit me,’ Hill said to Bauer in the recorded phone call. ‘Like, did you mean to hit me that hard?’

‘No, and like, that’s why it’s confusing,’ Bauer is heard responding. ‘I didn’t feel like I hit you that hard, you know? And certainly, like, I tried telling you multiple times, ”Do you want to stop? Are you OK?” And, like, you said to keep going. So I just was trying to follow your lead on it.’

The call, released Thursday by the Legal Affairs and Trials, is the latest development between Bauer and Hill, who have been engaged in a legal battle since she accused him of sexual abusing her on two occasions in the spring of 2021. She was denied a permanent restraining order at the time, but he was suspended by Major League Baseball nonetheless. Bauer was released by the Los Angeles Dodgers in January and recently completed his first season pitching in Japan.

Last week, the pair settled their respective counter lawsuits against each other before Bauer posted a video on social media, accusing Hill of concocting a scheme to extort money from him by falsely accusing him of sexual assault.

Trevor Bauer steps out of the courthouse after the last day of the hearings on August 19, 2021

(Right) Trevor Bauer steps out of the courthouse after the last day of the hearings on August 19, 2021. (Left) Bauer’s accuser, Lindsey Hill, pictured in August of 2021 before a previous hearing

Hill responded to the pitcher’s video on social media in which he shared text messages and a video meant to prove his innocence in response to her allegations. 

Both individuals settled their dual lawsuits without any compensation involved this week, two years after Hill’s accusations of the 2020 NIL Cy Young Award winner came to light.

The legal resolution between the two allowed Bauer to comment on the case, which prompted him to release his version of events in a video shared on X on Monday. 

One alleged text sent from Hill to a friend, which Bauer revealed to the public, reads: ‘Next victim. Star pitcher for the Dodgers.’ 

While Hill acknowledged that ‘victim’ was not the right word choice, she claimed she used it in a way in which she was joking, mainly due to her history of dating baseball players. What’s more, is that Hill says she is being spun by Bauer without any context being provided to people on the outside.