Trips We’re Going to Book as Soon as This is All Over

A lot of us have had extra time on our hands lately.

You’ve probably spent more of it than you wanted to hunt down mundane items like toilet paper. Even if you shop for more interesting offerings such as a new trendy pearl choker or a fancy new summery frock, you might be ready to dream bigger.

In case you’ve discovered a serious case of wanderlust, read on to share in some of the trips we’re going to book as soon as this is all over.


Sure, Tahiti is far away from just about everywhere.

That’s why we’re going. Tahiti is, in a word, stunning. From its sublime sunrises over crystal clear waters to its exotic mountains and the opportunity of finding your very own black pearl, the islands truly earn the moniker of Earthly Paradise.


If being the birthplace of Western civilization isn’t enough of a reason to go, Greece’s gorgeous natural scenery is.

Stroll among ancient ruins and imagine consulting with oracles, then hop on a ferry and hit some of the picturesque islands like Santorini with its awe-inspiring vistas, whitewashed streets, and blue domes that are a perfect match for the dazzling sea.

New Zealand

Can’t get enough of breathtaking natural scenery? Head to New Zealand. From volcanoes to beaches, New Zealand has it all. Whether or not you’re a fan of The Lord of the Rings, you’ll find something to make you forget the months you spent cooped up on your couch.

Bonus: New Zealand has had so few cases of covid, you may not even hear the word!


With air pollution at record lows, it’s the perfect time to visit this incredibly diverse land with 20 official languages and countless delectable cuisines. Want a never-ending party? Head to the beaches of Goa.

Prefer architectural marvels?

The Taj Mahal’s the ticket. Need a mind and body reset? India is the birthplace of yoga, and it has something for everyone.


Go check out what this ‘herd immunity’ stuff is all about. Sweden is thrilling in all seasons. If you go in winter, you can enjoy the Northern Lights. In summer, Sweden is the equally enchanting Land of the Midnight Sun.

Drink fresh water from a fjord, frolic with reindeer, ride in a traditional Viking ship, and then recover from it all in a traditional sauna.


A safari is a bucket list item for a lot of us, and for those who have the itch to burn up some of that cash they couldn’t spend during quarantine, now is the perfect time to go. There’s nothing quite like staring a predator in the eye — way more thrilling than an invisible germ.


The ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu are a mystical experience unlike any other, but Peru has so much more to offer. It is an incredibly diverse country with over 28 individual climates.

You’ll see snow in the Andes barely a hop and a skip from the desert, and then you can go for a boat ride through the jungle, discovering the fascinating Quechua culture and its exquisite textiles, jewelry, and wood carvings along the way.


While we’re doing some armchair traveling, might as well head to the ends of the earth.

An iceberg cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the wildlife and scenery of Antarctica are beyond amazing. Plus you’ll pretty much have the continent to yourself, making social distancing a breeze. Enjoy!