Trump makes Hope Hicks, 28, his communications director

Hope Hicks, who had been serving as the interim White House communications director, is getting the job full-time, Bloomberg first reported Tuesday.

At age 28, Hicks will be the youngest person to hold the job, and it will mark the first time women have concurrently held the positions of communications director and White House press secretary, with Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the latter.

Hicks replaces Trump’s campaign donor Anthony Scaramucci, who held onto the job for just 10 days, and the low key Mike Dubke, the administration’s first communications director, who left the White House in May.  

Hope Hicks, one of President Trump’s longest-serving political aides, has been moved into the position of White House communications director full-time 

Hicks was one of Trump’s originals, when his campaign was just a rag tag team of aides. 

She had been working for the first daughter, doing public relations for Ivanka Trump’s brand, when the businessman brought her in to handle press requests for his young presidential campaign.  

‘She started off with us right from day one,’ President Trump told supporters at a campaign rally last year, beckoning Hicks to come onstage. ‘She used to be in my real estate company,’ he explained. 

‘I said, “What do you know about politics?” She said, “Absolutely nothing,”‘ Trump said. 

With that, Hicks was hired. 

Huckabee Sanders had seemingly previewed the full-time appointment while appearing on The View last week, alongside her father, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. 

Pushing aside claims from the co-hosts that President Trump is sexist, she pointed to the ascension of both herself and Hicks. 

‘He doesn’t just put milquetoast women around him, he puts strong, very outspoken women in very powerful positions and in the first time in history we also have a female communications director,’ Huckabee Sanders said pointing to Hicks.  

Huckabee Sanders had singularly made history with her promotion, taking overthe position of press secretary after Sean Spicer resigned, as the first mother to take the podium.

‘You often hear the line personnel is policy, you pointed out yourself that I’m the first working mother to ever hold the job,’ Huckabee Sanders said on The View. 

‘To be empowered to be the spokesperson for the United States of America through the president, this is a big deal, that is a huge step forward and instead of liberals celebrating it, they attack me at every step,’ Huckabee Sanders said. 

Hicks has yet to respond to a request for comment from