Trump supporter who threatened Capitol with fake bomb is an avid gun collector from North Carolina

They need to get Joe Biden on here because this baby. It’s awful. I’m not hurting nobody Joe. I’m not pulling the trigger on this thing. I can’t. there’s no way for me to blow this up. Only you can by shooting a bullet through my window.

You’re the only one who can do it Joe. 

I love this land.

We’ve got a few options here Joe. You shoot me. Two and a half blocks going with me, and you’re talking about a revolution. The revolution’s on. It’s here. It’s today.

I told my wife I’d be home by Sunday, and I’m looking for all my other patriots to come out and help me because I got it standing. I got the foundation built, people. I’m here.

They know I’m here, and I’ve done told them to clear the blocks.

They’ve cut off healthcare. I can’t get the damn shots for my back no more, but yeah they’ll give them to the superstar athletes. They’ll give it to them.

Dave and Hanson, I’m up here at Washington DC, there’s a capitol over there, there’s another capitol over here, and I’ve got the police coming and I’m trying to get Joe Biden on the phone.

I’m parked up here on the sidewalk right beside this pretty stuff and they don’t realize I can’t set this thing off.

When that bullet hits these windows, it’s going off and it ain’t my fault. They’ve got the roads blocked. They know I’m here. I see the snipers over on the building. They better listen before they shoot. They better listen before they shoot.

God knows there’s a change shortage for a reason. I got it all. I got loads of it. Loads of it Biden, and it don’t take but a half a roll of nickels to eat through a 50 caliber bullet.

But I’m telling them, them snipers come in, they start shooting this window out, this bomb’s going off because it was built by y’alls people, by the people y’all had in the military, y’all were the ones who trained to man the build it. He blowed his legs off building them.

So this thing’s right and when he tells me when the decibels hit a certain peak, it’s gonna go? It’s gonna go.

Don’t do it Biden, don’t pull that trigger because if you do, four more are going off.

Four more, and I ain’t got hands on none of them, they sitting in cars all over this f***ing place around here because you thought the south wasn’t coming, well Joe Biden the south’s come.

The roads are blocked and I’m waiting on your phone call. It’s your call. You got an option. You can shoot me or kill me right here, and blow up two and half city blocks and let all the patriots out in the country know.

Cause ain’t here to blow nobody up. I ain’t here to hurt nobody. If I was, I wouldn’t have told them to tell people to leave, I would have gunned this motherf***er and rode it right up into your front door. But I’m here for a reason Joe Biden. I’m here for a reason, I’m here for the American people. If you wanna take me out. Take me out, and when the patriots come, your a** is in trouble.

Five of us are already here, and I’m the little man. I’m the speaker so if you blow my truck up, man, hey, it’s on you Joe, I’m ready to die for a cause, and brother if you could do anything to save one life, you’d said you’d do it, well you got a chance I wanna go home Sunday.

I wanna go home and see my wife.

We’re living in a free country Joe, the choice is yours. If you wanna shoot me, and take the chance of blowing up two and a half city blocks, cause that tool box is full. Ammonium nitrate, it’s full. I don’t wanna die Joe, I wanna go home. Just like the people in Afghanistan wanna go home. Them people’s lives are on your hands. All them dead people’s are on your hands. Afghanistan I’m standing for you strong too. The motherf***ers should have bombed our asses and made sure you was alright before we left. So if they blow me up Afghanistan, I hope somebody takes revenge on that because I’m a patriot. I love this land, and I’ll die for this land.

Because my grandbaby’s gonna have the rights I had, and any of you f***ers out there you patriots, yall you motherfuckers sitting at home sitting at out there fishing and playing golf.

I don’t wanna see any of those videos because it’s time, because motherf***er, the revolution’s on.

And I don’t stand here alone Joe. If you take me out, you won’t know where the other four are until they go off. It’s going to be a chain reaction.

Don’t break my windows, send somebody out here to talk to me, because I didn’t even carry a gun, I didn’t even carry a gun, I ain’t carrying nothing.

All I done was carry my change and brought what the American people give me.

They said ‘Ray we’re tired,’ and I told them I was tired too. Joe I love you man, I love Nancy, I love all y’all. I love the man who’s getting ready to put a bullet in my head. The only thing I say to that, Joe Biden, is that you better hope he’s a Democrat and not a Republican because this revolution ain’t gonna stop, it’s on. It’s on.

You better get your NATO out from November Jean and bring em on down here because you’re gonna need eem. You’re gonna need em Joe because this revolution’s on, brother there ain’t no more talk about it

I don’t wanna die. I wanna go home. I wanna watch my grandbaby live, but she’s gonna live in peace even if I don’t get to see it.

This blood’s on your hands Joe Biden. We can make a deal, we can make a deal because I can’t make this bomb go off. I have no way whatsoever to make this bomb go off.

But yall motherf***ers out there are getting ready to set the decibels up.

Stack them up all around me. That’s fine Joe, but I’m telling you brother when they pull that trigger this truck’s gone. Your military expertise built this. Your military expertise Joe. All by decibels.

I’m glad you got them sirens out from around here. It’s kinda making me nervous because I don’t wanna die, but I ain’t scared to die.

Send somebody to talk to me Joe.

But you don’t wanna shoot these windows out I’m telling you. Your boys over out on the top of that roof you don’t wanna shoot these windows out. When you shoot these windows out the revolutions gonna be on even harder. There’s gonna be four more going off across this town. It ain’t my fault.

I wanted all the buildings around me evacuated that way if you do decide to kill somebody, Joe, it’s only me. It ain’t nobody else. We can talk about it. I don’t wanna die. I didn’t wanna come. But I had to.

American people sent me. I love this world.

All I wanna do is set this bomb down, and go home.

They told me how to deactivate it, Joe.

That little blue light right there works off decibels.

You come up with your little billy jacks, bust up my windows and it’s going to go boom brother and I don’t want your people hurt.

If you’re gonna blow me up Joe, if you’re gonna shoot me please make sure there ain’t nobody else around please because I don’t wanna take no lives.

I don’t I’m a good man, but you’ve taken it too far. It’s time to take a stand Joe, and I love you man. I love Nancy. I love everybody.

I said, hell, if I ever run over a cat I gotta turn around and go back and get it out of the road just so the kids don’t come outside and see it laying there.

I’m a good American patriot Joe. Joe you just don’t know.

I’m gonna tell you what though, if you crack these windows it ain’t on me, the blood’s on your hands because I can’t set this bomb off Joe, only you can, only your word.

Only your word. Your word to fire will set this bomb off, and when this bomb goes off there’s gonna be four more right behind it, and then the patriots are gonna come because you don’t know where them four are sitting

One of them might be sitting right at your back door.

Better talk to me Joe. You need to send someone out here to talk to me because I’m not going to hurt nobody I promised to my God I would not hurt nobody. I promised to my wife I would not hurt nobody. I would not kill myself. I’m gonna keep that promise Joe.

But the American people’s watching and they coming.

Four more’s already here. If I was you man I’d go ahead and lower all these flags at half staff because they don’t deserve to be standing this high. They don’t even deserve to be standing with them Democrats up there doing what they’re doing.

Y’all know what your doing Democrats you’re killing america, you’re killing America you’re making people wanna leave america. This is supposed to be a place people wanna come. Let em come. Black, white, lesbian, gay, LGBT it don’t matter. We’re americans.

This is our land Joe. You can’t set up here and tell us what to do. This is your option now. You got the option Joe. Shoot me, crack these windows and blow up two city blocks or send up somebody down here to talk to me because I ain’t gonna hurt em.

I’ll clear em out a seat beside all this money. Beside all them, and all that. Look behind me Joe I’m surrounded by nickel, copper and some of that zinc ass s** yall call pennies. You’re robbing people on that too.

Joe biden your pennies rot, and everytime a penny rots y’all making money, well I got your coins. I got em all over the place. Nickel’s hard.

I love America Joe.

And I know your snipers are good, they could take me out any way they want to I was gonna throw me up some blinds around, but, hell, we hunt in the south too, we know what heat radars are, we know how to kill a d*** hog at night we know how to tell the d*** heat. Come on Joe.

I just wanna talk to somebody Joe, send somebody here to talk to me. I can’t set this bomb off. Joe you’re the only one

You’re the only one in America that can set this bomb off. Tell them to pull the trigger Joe. Tell them there’s four more sitting out here Joe. Tell them to pull the trigger. I’m ready.

Or send somebody out here to talk to me. Cause I ain’t going anywhere Joe. I wanna go home by sunday.

Hope all American people don’t make a liar out of me. Told my wife I lied to her twice. Told her I was going fishing today, took off before she got up. And I don’t wanna lie to her again. I wanna be home sunday

Either home it’s gonna be, but Joe it’s up to you. This is your option. I’m not moving from this spot. I’m not putting nobody in harm. I pulled up here and throwed out about $3,000 and you wouldn’t believe what a man done he raked up a big old handful and handed it to another man that needed it

Your money ain’t no good. You got dirty money. It’s up to you Joe biden. I’m ready.

American people’s ready. Shoot me. Get their revolution started Joe. I told you there’s four more sitting around this town and I have no idea really where they at.

We all came in different ways but we all came from the same place.

You can shoot me Joe, blood will be on your hands.

It’s not gonna be on mine.

This thing won’t go off unless these windows break. Works off decibels. This little round thing I know you‘re watching me. This little round thing here is speakers, these little wires out the side right here they run down to these wires. This is tannerite, I’m sure they know what it is.

Just come out here and talk to me, Joe. America’s tired of it. And I’m not setting this bomb off Joe. You are. Your’re gonna be the one setting it off not me. And I’m gonna make it clear to the American people that I cannot set this bomb off.

I cannot set this bomb off. The only thing that can set this bomb off is enough decibels. The shatter of the glass on this truck is enough decibels. Start the revolution. Joe, you can send them in man, but I’m telling you, you’re the man that’s gonna set the bomb off. I aint. I can’t do it. I can’t kill nobody, I can’t kill myself, hurt myself. I’m just here to give y’all options unlike what you give us.

But right now this place is only ok for people who, I guess wanna watch me die. Bomb squad’s here. Joe don’t shoot. If you shoot, you’re the one setting this bomb off, not me becauseIi have no control. I have none.

No control over it. Your military expertise. the ones that was trained to send in the military. The one that trained the people to send to the military now. He didn’t have two legs, but he says he knows it works

He says he’s used it many a time.

Don’t shoot me Joe, because if you shoot me you’re setting this bomb off and you‘re setting the other four off and the other four might be sitting in the middle of a million people and it’d be on you, it wouldn’t be on us. It won’t be on us. It’s your game Joe.

I’m calling your bluff, shoot me, two city blocks gone.

Let your people do the calculation.

Shoot me Joe. I can’t set the bomb off. Joe biden, the man you tell to pull the trigger the man that pulls that trigger he’s the man that’s going to set it off because I don’t wanna die Joe. I love everybody.

You’ve got options. I don’t, but you do Joe. You got an optiona. I’ll step out of this truck and walk away. What’s your option?

And you just gotta remember Joe, there’s four more here. There’s four more in the capital of DC, sitting there just like me but I had to be the one chosen to do the dirty work and talk.

Always get the s*** end of the deal Joe.

Love all y’all people out here. I know what you’re doing. You’re protecting the capital, but you don’t have to worry about it. I’m not gonna blow it up. Joe Biden is. Nancy Pelosi, 52 democrats.

And Joe’s screaming right now ‘pull the trigger, pull the trigger, pull the trigger’ but Joe you don’t wanna do that brother. You think if I got the balls to come out here you think these little balls here are hung? You got some home stringers out here. I just got chose for the job. Unlike you. This ain’t about politics.

This ain’t got nothing to do with politics. I don’t care if Donald Trump ever becomes president again. It don’t matter to me. I think yall Democrats need to step down.

Yall need to understand the people don’t want you there. Y’all got a life you could live. Wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

I did too Joe I had it all. Best thing I had was a wife, a kid, a grandbaby, a daughter in law another daughter, another son in law. Yeah Joe I got two kids. Son in law, daughter in law, Grandbaby. I’m not naming their names because They don’t’ even know i”m here.

But it’s on you Joe. I can’t set the bomb off, only you can.

I can’t set it off. I can’t make a loud enough noise.

Talk about this revolution people, got the foundation started. We just don’t wanna hurt nobody.

We’re not like the Democrats.

Send somebody over to talk to me Joe. This is my land, this is your land. We’re the people, taking a stand Joe.

Got all them people dying in Afghanistan all of them kids being raped. Just let the Taliban run right through.

I get some people do somethings some times, but look here you little b*** some people are doing some things now. And it’s the f***ing south. Thank you Georgia. Thank you North Carolina, South Carolina for allowing me to make it through. I’m not hurting nobody, Joe. I wanna go home.

But they chose me to do this s***. I was the one chosen and you know what? I don’t mind a bit.

If America needs a voice I’ll give it to them, but I tell you Joe if you pop those windows out it’s over and it’s gonna be a chain reaction. You didn’t believe nobody ever come out here in the first place, Why would you believe there’s four more sitting around town. This was just the start.

I don’t wanna sit here when it blows up. I don’t wanna sit here and die in this truck. I’ll die in federal prison. You step down out of office, I’ll step down out of this truck. You go home. I’ll go to federal prison.

Nobody deserves to die Joe. Don’t do it man. You pull that trigger this truck goes up and there ain’t nothing I can do about it. It means you killed me. I aint setting this bomb off. People’s tired Joe just send somebody out to talk to me. First thing they want is airstrikes in Afghanistan. Kick the Taliban’s a** and stop them from killing people.